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Well I will have to say to the new folks that in all of the time that I have been here I’ve found this place to be one of the most honest, helpful forums of any that I’ve been in. The people here have gone at it over Burton quality problems, Voile’s lack of choice, and have helped each other with even some Never Summer issues…….why?……..because we enjoy riding splits and are genuinely interested in seeing the best in reliability, quality and customer service and growth in this sport.

I made my purchase of a Khyber Split based on the info that I got from this site and told the boys at Prior that. I sent Chris a link to this thread so that they could respond. I’ve defended their position in the industry because it’s good for splittin’.

Take a good look around here before you lump us in with your other forum experiences. There is good info and good people all over this site.

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