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After reading this thread and a couple others, I too have to chime in.

San Rant, you may want to go back and read the post where buddies board was damaged. Prior did in fact offer to repair it at their factory but that is besides the point. Have you ever shipped anything before? Have you ever recieved anything damaged in shipping before? Ripping a company apart because a shipping company (I have still to find one that actually takes time and care to insure product arrives safely) damaged a product and takes it upong themselves ot make it as easy as possible to reimburse you the damages. It doesn’t happen. Shipping companies suck.

I thought I would post my experiences with Prior to try to balance all the hating going on.
I first dealt with Prior 4 years ago when I bought my MRF board from them. It was a “demo” board at the time but turns out it was made specifically for Chris Prior and he decided to sell it. It had the “Howl” topsheet that didn’t hit the public for a full year and the pro base which was black and bright orange. I emailed and they got back to me immediatly. I asked for more pics of the board and they did so. I had a couple more questions about the board so I decided to call the factory direct. I don’t recall who I spoke with but he knew the exact board I was talking about and was very informative. A few minutes later, I had purchased the board and had it sent to me. The board only took 2 days to get here and once unpacked, was just fine. The packing itself was great.

After riding the board for a couple years I managed to get a serious base gouge that I thought was basically the end of the boards life. Fortunatly it was at the end of the year and I was going to Whistler to mountain bike. I phoned up the guys at the factory to make sure they would be around and that they would have time to fix it. They said bring it down and leave it with us for a few days and they will get it done. Upon arrival at the factory, they looked at the board and said no problem. They even took the time to show me around the factory and got to see how the boards are made. Cool stuff.
Anyway, after only 2 days I got call at my hotel saying my board was ready. I was estatic! Raced right down to pic it up and I have to say it was the best repair job I have ever seen, bar none. I can’t even tell where it was besides one spot on the logo where they had to fill black ptex over the orange. On top of all that, once I asked the price, they guy said “How’s $20 bux sound?” I eagerly gave him a $20 and proceeded to buy a shirt, hat and hoody.
So all in all, I have to say that Prior is #1 in my books and they will definatley be getting my business for a new splitboard in the fall of 07.

I have talked with several people from Prior at Demo days and other events and each time I walk away with a certain pride of ownership.

As far as message board being good places for “true” review, I do not agree. Often times you hear a VERY one sided story which gets strewed out on the net. Believe what you want, but remember, there are always 2 sides.