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I couldn’t disagree with you more, my Canadian brother. First, if you read through the link, it is about people who have tried without success to get satisfaction from Prior. For example, the guy who received a board that had been damaged in shipping that prior refused to repair or exchange. Or the guy that was strung along for months during his board purchase. It takes two to tango and there are many examples in this thread from people who gave Prior a chance to make right and got crap customer service in response.

On the other hand, regular readers of the forum have seen many instances where an issue with a voile product ended with “called DJ Barney – problem solved.”

Honest reporting of bad experiences keeps companies honest and keeps fellow consumers informed. I’d like to know if a company is going to stand behind a $1000 snowboard purchase or if they have a ‘screw you’ mentality. And having that information is very cool.

PS I have a Khyber and I love it in the powder.

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