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i edited the post so its a little easier to read. i was thinking it was a bit long last night, but then again, the post needed to be that long to describe all the BS that i delt with. as far as the loyal customer thing, i explained to everyone that i talked to at prior that i do live in jackson hole, wyoming, one of the backcountry meccas of this country and that making enemies with me, a 100+ day a year backcountry snowboard bum was not in their best interests as far as selling splitboards goes. i see and ride with alot of poeple here, and anybody that asks me how i like my board gets the same response “don’t bother…buy a never summer”. if they sound as if they are seriously thinking of buying a prior, they hear about my experiance. i hope i sell alot of boards for bentley, that dude is the man, and i like the idea of supporting some homegrown rocky mtn folks. and if i can manage to somehow get rid of this thing without completely losing my shirt on the deaL i’ll hopefully own one of his boards too.