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@bcrider wrote:

Nice work mtnrider.

How’s the new board ride?

Thanks man. I was waiting for someone to ask…I HAD to get out this weekend…felt good to do some skinning.
We only cheated one lap, but there are lots of possibilities.

I’m real happy with my new deck. I’ll have to wait until next season to see how she fairs in the POW but so far it was exactly what I wanted. I’ll probably play around a tad more w/ lay up and see how it alters the flex but it’s much easier for me to throw around and initiate my turns. Of course this was with only my day pack on so far. I’m sure in the soft corn she was forgiving on me too 😀 I call her “The Machinist 162” I’ve got some more tweaking but the general shape and flex I was real happy. I’ll have to test her in a chute soon 😉

It definitely stayed together so that is good right? 😆