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Thanks for the info. On my last split I used spray-on Varathane (several thin coats) to seal the inside edge. Maybe I’ll just go with that again. I just thought the epoxy would be stronger and be more resistant to dings etc. I had initially planned on doing the epoxy before mounting any hardware because of the alignment issues you mention. A was also thinking I could rig up some kind of jig with say, wax-paper covered cardboard running under the board along the cut, and another vertical wax-paper covered piece of cardboard running between the cut. Then paint the epoxy onto the edges, and sandwich the pieces in there. I was thinking that would keep the epoxy thickness uniform along the edge. Probably more work than it’s worth though.

Another question. What do you use to fill the holes from t-nuts in the base? I was thinking either epoxy or some of the higher-strength melt-in ptex (I picked up some of that stuff from Tognar) vs. regular old ptex candles.

Epoxy would probably be stronger and more resilient, but requires work and lots of material for that application. Your idea for setting the epoxy will work well. Wax paper is a good “mold”. If you do it that way, make sure to get the consistency of the epoxy correct. We repair the t-nut holes by starting with a specially formulated p-tex which bonds to metal better. Then depending on the depth, we complete the fill with p-tex from a gun and/or p-tex repair ribbon. We use the same materials and methods on our mail order repairs/tunes also.