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@jimw wrote:

What do you use to seal the cut edge? I’m thinking about epoxy for my next homemade split…

Probably old news to you, but if you don’t use the rivets for the tip/tail clips, just make sure whatever you do use can’t come loose. I don’t know how many times I’ve either lost or almost lost a Burton clip due to a screw coming loose.


We have found that a spray urethane type sealer works the best. The wood cores are so dry and thirsty that they absorb the urethane and seal quite well. Epoxy will work, but will cost you lots of extra time because the cut edges must be cured with epoxy prior to setting templates for hardware mounting, since an offset will be introduced by the thickness of epoxy on each edge. Also a thin layer of sealer will keep the two cut vertical edges puzzling together better because of the profile the saw blade inherently makes. When you start layering on epoxy, you are creating a new profile that might not match up well with the other half. Finally epoxy may not bond as well to the wood and p-tex base. We know all about “loose screws” over here which is why we have upgraded the hardware provided by Voile in their split kit. We are experimenting with t-nuts/bolts and counter sunk nylon threaded nuts/bolts for the tip/tail. The rivets are structurally strong, just not aesthetic due to the excess metal on the base side from beveling the rivet. 😆