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@jimw wrote:

Nice pics on your links. I gotta say, I love this self-belay downclimbing technique:

Looks a little steep. 😯

So where is this Giant’s Steps couloir in relation to the west chute that you climbed up?

That’s Dave Braun demonstrating his technique. When I told him I posted pictures online, he asked me not to disclose details of how to get the Giant’s Steps. Out of respect for his request, I’ll have to refrain.

I will say this, as big as the North Face is, it is relatively easy to find the main North Face coulouirs once you are there; provided you studied the North face while on approach up Shepherd’s pass. You get a good view of the North Face from Symmes Saddle. That’s a good location to get familiar with the NF.

Given the difficulty of the approach drainages (Symmes, Williamson, NF Bairs, SF Bairs, and George) I doubt there will ever be a rush to go ski them. But I did give my word to Dave not to publish details. I hope you can respect that. Sorry.