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Once you are over Shepherd Pass, the easiest way to tag both Tyndall and Williamson would be to hit the west face of Williamson (Bolton Brown route), ski down that, head over to camp next to the lake at ~13000′ near the base of Tyndall’s north face, skin up that in the morning, descent, head over to the top of the Superbowl, descend to Mahogany Flats, then hump it out. Minimum 3 days unless you are a beast. If you are a monster maybe 2 days for both. One or the other could go down in a day (the Mammoth Mountaineering crew has pulled off Big Willy in a day) but not both.

According to Dave Braun you can ski down the west face of Williamson to Williamson Lakes, but that’s Dave Braun. I have no idea if a mortal can do so, nor what the snow conditions are like on the west face right now.

My experience is that you can make it to Shepherd Pass in a day (and beyond, if you push hard) from the Symmes Creek trailhead, though you may want to camp elsewhere if it is windy (and it will get really, really windy on the crest if a storm is coming). Getting to the base of Williamson or Tyndall from Shep’s Pass is at most a couple hours. I’ve been stormed off of Tyndall once, and underestimated the time to get over Shep’s Pass on a previous attempt, but I intend to bag at least Tyndall (and more likely, both, in a 3-day weekend) before the season is out.

It is a long, long slog to get up there. Don’t underestimate it.