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Hammbone I would usually plan a climb right after the White River campground (4,250) opens. Most years its in May. That way you might be able to skin some of the 4 mile / 2k elevation gain to Glacier Basin. Nice thing is the 4 miles is shaded by trees.

The Interglacier is full of gapers so the earlier the better. Ya never know how long the snowpack lasts around here with our weather. Are you planning on camping at Curtis (8,600) or Schurman (9,300)? Either way its a long haul with overnight packs and splits. There’s also tons of terrain options if conditions up high are bad. Dog Leg chute off Ruth, St Elmo’s Pass, and your pick at a variety of chutes leading into Glacier Basin.

Plan on encountering variable snow conditions on your way down. You maybe riding on everything from windpacked powder at the top, to ice, crust, corn, suncups and wierd spiraling snow/ice formations.