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If you’re thinking about the Emmons, you might as well ride of the summit. I’ve been up Rainier a few times, on the Emmons once, but never with my board, although i’ve wished i had it. The Emmons route isn’t particularly steep. It feels very exposed though, with crevasses being the obvious danger. I was on the Emmons mid-August last year, and I feel like the crevasse danger could be somewhat mitigated with solid route finding skills.
I would however, second the comment on variable conditions. Sections of that route had developed some of the biggest and weirdest looking sun cups i have ever seen, probably developed some time in July. One of the rangers had recently telemarked from the col between Columbia Crest and Liberty Cap, and he said despite the time of year, the worst crevasses and gnarly suncups could be avoided.
I would spend a few days up there and scout it out. At the very least, the split would ease the appraoch from White River CG (which is considerably longer than any other approach for more popular routes on the south side). How far you can ride out will certainly depend on snow conditions at that time of year. You could certainly make it down the Interglacier, probably a good ways down Glacier Basin.
Brush up on your crevasse rescue and roped travel skills. I would recommend PMBs or AT boots. Probably doable with soft boots, but I dont think i would be comfortable in them on the Emmons.
A descent of the Emmons is certainly on my list. Go for it, and be sure to post a TR.