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@sanfrantastico wrote:

I think BCR once posted a picture of Voile pucks mounted on Verts, which would be a much lighter solution.

I was actually going to do the same mod for a Voile version. I don’t think there would really be much weight difference, because most of the weight is in the binding. The Burton crescent rings and interface are actually pretty light. In retrospect I think I could have also gotten away with thinner diameter bolts/nuts as well, shaving off a bit more weight.

In that other thread DJ mentioned doing the Voile puck mod, and also noting the increased weight underfoot, but the tradeoff seemed to be OK in his opinion. YMMV.

PS Thanks for the tip on buying direct from the manufacturer. At $40, I think I’ll finally get a pair.

Actually, that’s $40 for just the deck. If you want the normal Vert (i.e. deck plus straps) it’s $75. Still a hell of a deal and I can’t recommend those things highly enough. I use them everywhere that’s too steep for me to skin. I haven’t used crampons in over a year. As usual, YMMV…

@mtnrider wrote:

Jim…how are you liking those boots? Do they stay tight in the crimping device on the side. They seem convenient but I was wondering after a bunch of skinning if the laces start to slip.

So far I like them. They have a lot more support than the Ions I used to use, and so far they haven’t developed that crimp in the back over the achilles. The Vibram sole seems to be a lot better too. I am getting an annoying hotspot below the achilles though… Anyway, the laces seem to work fine. I haven’t had them slip yet. The inner nylon lace cuff works great but makes it kind of a pain to remove the liners.