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Looks like Diller is more of a spring descent than a 4th-of-July kind of thing. I could see maybe doing a roadtrip in May for Diller, and then another in June (and maybe another in July for good measure…).

I still need to knock off Tyndall and Darwin before they go to shit. 3rd time’s the charm on Tyndall, or so I hope — getting kind of tired of storms up there 🙂 but I made a modest list of summits I want to bag this year, and Darwin, Tyndall, Shasta were the final list. All three are repeat offenders for me.

Shasta was beautiful last year, we went around the 4th of July weekend too. I was not very happy that the Fifth Season people tricked me, but such is life. Maybe they like skiing on ice or something. I don’t…