K2 Aluminum Avalanche Probe 230cm


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Product Description

Although they’re as light as anything you’ll find in the market, we’re most proud of the fact that they’re amongst the strongest and the stiffest available, making them less prone to deflecting and breaking in hard, uneven avalanche debris. Available in either super lightweight carbon or durable aluminum construction, both are offered in either 230cm or 300cm lengths. Key Features of the K2 Aluminum Avalanche Probe: Lengths: Extended 300cm / Packed size 42cm, Extended 230cm / Packed size 42cm Weight: 300cm Carbon: 290g, 230cm Carbon: 230g, 300cm Alu: 360g, 230cm Alu: 280g Ruler: 1 cm making for precise recording of snow pit data Backside Auto Lock: Secure auto-locking hardware and non-slip textured shaft allow for easy assembly with gloved hands Trigger Pull Handle: A secure handle for deployment of the probe also keeps the probe packaged neatly when not in use


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