Prior Fissile Splitboard

Prior Fissile Splitboard


The Fissile Split was designed to float like a long-board that turns on a dime. Its elongated nose and 6.5m turning radius offer a ride that emulates surfing waves and is guaranteed to produce face shots, thanks to its pointy nose! Blunt noses take away floatability as they are designed to reach a maximum effective edge. Just take a look at our alpine race boards!

Taking inspiration from Founder/Head Designer Chris Prior’s surfing roots, the Fissile is almost unsinkable in the deepest conditions and the ride of choice for the man behind the Prior Brand. It’s suggested to ride the Fissile about 8-10cms longer than your current ride as the elongated nose doesn’t touch down unless you’re in the deep stuff! This shape naturally lends itself to soul riders and powder hounds at heart.

The Fissile Split is named after a large, prominent peak located behind Whistler Mountain that contains perhaps the biggest couloir in the whole valley.

XTC Carbon Construction is available as an upgrade to all Prior splitboards and saves an average of 500 grams (1lb 1oz) off a Prior splitboard pressed with our standard quadraxial fiberglass.

****We suggest you ride your Fissile split approximately 10cm’s longer than your average freeride board.

Profile: Nose rocker provides floatation and predictability in powder of all kinds. It also allows the board to initiate sooner. Traditional camber is the tail provides additional power driving off the back foot.

Rider Type: Powder connoisseurs of the finest order.

Best For: Powder of all kinds com­bined with tight trees, chutes and open bowls.

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