• Hi, any updates here? I really agree that a quick «snap-on» mechanism for locking the heel would be great for skating out vallyes, over lakes etc. The Voile strap seems too time consuming. No time for that when you’re mountaineering with your Dynafit Skimo friends.

  • Anyone here having an opionon whether this is easier with AT setup? However Id imagine skating is easier with the heel locked. Is there any AT heel locks typically used by splitboaders?

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    Cheers, thanks for the answers! -T

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    Jonathan, thank you for the reply. 163 it is then….Im tired of sinking deep into the snow when uphill when my Dynafitter friends just float on top…so that’s a go for 163 vs 158. No way Im switching. I rather spend a few more calories. Should consider to attach helium-balloons on my pack haha 😀

    Buell, good to hear your opinion on the…[Read more]

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    Hi, what is peoples take on this matter now in 2019 considering weight, robustness and ease of use?

    Considering jumping ships from soft boot setup 🙂



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    Hi, Im looking for a light and tough splitboard with mainly mountaineering in mind where 15-22 mile trips will be a typical distance which is quite far for me. I already have a Rome Double Agent which is actually pretty light compared to many of those Jones board etc, but I want something lighter that carries my weight better during skinning ie a…[Read more]

  • Thanks for your answer! Didnt realize I got a reply until now. I bought them myself for use on my Burton Imperial softboots (no heel welt so had to buy the heel baskets). I think they work OK on snow and hard snow at shorter segments, but on mix they flex too much around in my opinion. I ended up buying a pair of Petzl Sarken in addition for trips…[Read more]

  • Ive been using the Atyx FL45 pack several times now for splitboarding and summer mountaineering.

    -Just enough outer strops/loops to fit crampons, two ice axes and A/H-carry for the splitboard when split.

    -One big compartment (in addition to the small one in front) so things can “get lost” in there.

  • Hi,
    Mountain Equipment Tupilak or Arcteryx FL45. First one is twice the price of the latter. Ive got the latter and very happy about it so far. Ive threaded strops inside the loops on the backpack for A/H-carry (not availble on FL30). One compartment only.


  • Hi,
    Thanks for all the reponse guys! Due to very heavy investment for jumping ships to AT system I’ll stay with softboot setup. Of course I see the clear benefits with it during skinning and crampon compatibility for example. However its not superior in every aspect either…like the brackets needed when transitioning to ride mode etc which p…[Read more]

  • Hi, Yes thats what I ended up doing actually. I use the Petzl Irvis Hybrid now on tours where the need for crampon is undertain, and the Petzl Sarken if definitely crampon terrain and «mix». I think at least the latter works very well with rear basket.

  • Anyone here tested the Petzl Irvis Hybrid? Steel in the front and alu in the rear, connected with Dyneema cords. Weighs in only at 550g, and was used by Ueli Stöck at his “82 summits in 62 days”. (Now he was probably a bit more balanced in his steps than most of us are….).

  • Just received the A`tyx Alpha FL45 climber pack, after recommendation from my F&L ski touring friends. Its very minimalistic and weighs in at only 680g/1.5lbs. Good tooling attachments. Just enough attachment loops for DIY A-carry, so can let you know how it works out when Ive got a chance to test it.

  • Hi there,
    Im looking for a new pair of light soft boots which is compatible with semi-auto crampon, ie with the heel welt and Vibram sole or similar. A “toe welt” which the Northwave Domain CR has would be a huge bonus of course, but they dont state the weight on their homepage like almost everyone else. I find weight quite critical, and want to…[Read more]

  • Hi guys. Thanks for lots of good points being made here….as an anti-fast&light dude I started to convert as well to reach the more remote moiuntains here in Norway and trying to keep up with the Dynafit-guys.
    Im looking for new boots, but the different brands seldom specify the boot weight on their web page. Any suggestions on light boots with…[Read more]