• forgot to add – Twin lakes – looks like snowline is just about down to the lake on north facing side of Crater Crest, but you’ll have to do a bit of a hike soon. Campground was snow free.

  • With young kids, I hadn’t really gotten out much in the last 5+ years. Seems like no one posts conditions anymore. I just made a trip down 395 Friday and Saturday. East side should be fantastic this year!

    Big pine /Palisades area: Cardina/Tinemaha/Birch- looks good, but you’ll have to do the typical dry hike from the road down low. Can still ride…[Read more]

  • Tex, (and all)

    JC and I will be up in portland area 5/15-5/17. prolly hood, maybe one other.

    we’ll be in WA 6/7–>6/15. doing liberty ridge on rainier, then other mtns, not sure what yet.
    any/all are welcome to join. shoot me a PM.

    hey, here’s my TR from my roadtrip up there last year. lassen–>shasta–>hood–>helens–>adams–>mcclaughlin.…[Read more]

  • Bgnight wrote:

    Man, your pictures definitely make me second guess my decision. I watched you guys skinning for a little while below. Did you ride the line you skinned or did you ride the main gully? When I was going by in the morning I thought riding the top of the main and then cutting over to your skin route would be a nice run.

    Ahh, your line…[Read more]

  • Bignight, great meeting you. Awesome TR, and great pics 8) 8) 8) !
    We were wondering which line you did. looks pretty proud. nice job!

    Tarkman1, we were the party you passed. Great meeting you guys. Fantastic conditions, and great skiing.

    Here’s a couple of pics that hopefully aren’t redundant from Bignights:

    Tarkman1, Tarkman1bro, and…[Read more]

  • bcd,

    They’re all great; but the first and third are amazing !
    Dude, I used to think you’re a pro-level boarder(some of your lines = Da sickness!), but you’re at that same level in photography. Some really nice shots on your site.
    thanks for sharing.

  • towelie replied to the topic Shasta 06/07 in the forum California 14 years, 7 months ago

    Some pics from today 5/10/07, for the folks going up this weekend. Still a lot of great skiing to be had in Shasta.
    – Bunny: pretty much still skiing to the parking lot. Should be this weekend as well, but probably not the next. Even after you turn the corner and start skinning through the trees, it’s kinda thin. With no refresh, I’d guess you’d…[Read more]

  • Great Pics BCD!
    I really wanna say that was a great weekend. Both I and Ms. Towelie had a great time meeting and skiing with all ya.
    Good meeting 3Splitboards too.

    Here’s my pics:

    Roadside snow still has great coverage in the flats:

    Someone asked about the lines off of false white towards conness/white. Here’s an old photo looking south…[Read more]

  • Jim, Sanfrantastico. Thanks again for the great Beta pics!!!

  • http://www.dot.ca.gov/cgi-bin/roads.cgi


    Note the mileage from 395. She’s open to the park entrance/plateau 8)

    history dictate that i state the below:
    TIOGA,…[Read more]

  • Great TR DJ PuffNattie!

    Great Pic. feels like the snow is about to splash out of my monitor. 8)

    ooh, i like the new camper. looks comfy.

    Hey, if you guys want to go back to shasta i’m probably hitting tioga next weekend, then shasta the following 3, with some 4day weekends thrown in.

  • towelie replied to the topic TAHOE 06 and 07 in the forum California 14 years, 7 months ago

    Conditions on powederhouse today did not suck 8)

    Sherpa1 is all smiles:

    thought bubble over his head: “where’d my feet go?”


    seemed like 8-12 inches on average. pretty light, winter snow. After lap2, we noticed the flats starting to mank up a little. Lap 2 we did the bowl. 8 -10 inches sitting on top of the ice.…[Read more]

  • renoenvy wrote:

    did you drive up 50?
    How shitty do you think the bottom slog to Pyramid is

    We just got back this morning from La Casa Powda, and views of upper desolation looked like fantastic coverage, especially the Easterly slopes below price.
    Top 500 ft on the east face of pyramid looked speckled with rocks, but below it looked good. I don’t…[Read more]

  • Nice job 420!

    ellery bowl looks really easy from the road, but it’s actually pretty sporty up high eh?

    yeah, solstice is always like that with the big cornice. I froze solid while pondered that drop for a good 30 minutes my first time. I finally got the courage after a teledude dropped it, stopped and called up to his little mini dog to drop…[Read more]

  • Friggen beautiful pics guys. That area is awsome. Can’t believe how much coverage is still left on the southerly faces like north peak. fantastic year!!!

    p.s. PJ. I still gotta find my other flash card and post the pics for sonora of you, knucklesplitter and puff nat. will try to look for it this weekend.


  • I’ve got family plans sat, but was heading down to the high sierra sun–>thursday. If folks are going on this one sunday, i might be able to make a detour on sunday and meet up witcha. Much lower temps this weekend should make for some sweet corn.

    BCR, PM me or call me before saturday night (before 5pm) and let me know if folks are going or…[Read more]

  • towelie replied to the topic Tahoe Deep in the forum Trip Reports 15 years, 8 months ago

    Saw 2-3 tracks off of hogs back on my drive backdown to sac yesterday. BCR? 8)

    Love the “vintage” photos of your adventures on the leap too. Great shots steelman!


  • Wow, That first pano is cool 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) !
    Great photo Dfinn.

  • Bummer dude, but happy b-day! Given the circumstances, sounds like your plan for tonight is the right one. Hope ya recover quick.

    We’re going to jakes, meet at 7:30–>7:45. if anyone is interrested. look for a green civic with a Hula-girl doll on the dash.

    Still looking for folks heading up monday too.


  • BCR, Dfinn, PM’ed ya.

    Heading up both sunday/monday if i get the green light from jenn.
    Will do one of the usuals on sunday, but kinda wanna try something new on monday. … maybe ski the north west face of tallac from bayview trailhead on monday if 89 is open.. I don’t think the access is much longer than spring creek now that the sp. Creek road…[Read more]

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