• @Sog-Nar wrote:

    Vapor Wrote: “This is a few pics of the setup. I fabbed a plate to go over the hole to allow forward flex and added a stop to limit backward flex in ride mode as well as to set the forward boot angle.”

    Vapor…There are a lot of incredibly interesting mods on this boot and binding set up. Great job!

    Do you think the fabricated…

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  • @Sog-Nar wrote:

    Here is a picture of my mod to the forward lean bar. I used a file to enlarge the hole a few milimeters to increase the forward flex while in “ski” mode. This was pretty easy to do. The forward lean bar is easy to access and the metal files easily.

    EXACTLY! Just fine tune how much you file upwards to adjust the forward flex.…[Read more]

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    Sorry Vapor…FYI Recently bought a pair of TLT5 Mountains from snowinn.com for a decent price. They sold the boot for $466 USD with $35 shipping. Snowinn.com is based in Spain. Didn’t have to pay any custom taxes or duties and the boots arrived in 4 days. Thumbs up on this transaction.

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