• I was a pretty big fan of the K2 Ace 20 years ago, releasable highback, rigid sole, enough body to the uppers that you could ride w/o highbacks in good powder, BUT they weighed almost 5 lbs a boot.

    So these boots that I have finally gotten around to are my attempt to make a lighter version. I have sized up and am using a pretty stiff older…[Read more]

  • Do you mean that the touring tech toe piece wont let you move your front foot back. You could look at the new Voile touring toe piece which might allow better clearance. Otherwise install quiver killer mounting inserts in board farther back.

  • hey there,
    I have done a bit of fitting of boards for my wife and daughters, if you are a womens 7.5, being a 24.5cm foot, a 25 cm wide board will make your feet tired fast when riding on firm surfaces or long toe side traverses on exit roads etc. You could get a way with that width if you rode generally only ride in good powder (Utah or…[Read more]

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    -ahhh, taking a break from the world here.
    I think with gear that does not involve wood, it’s just marketing. Or the first months of production goes out and the failure rate is higher than anticipated so material thicknesses are increased.

    I have had mostly paulownia snowboard cores that are as much as 300 grams different in a 164cm within the…[Read more]

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    Hi there, yeah I think they are real nice. They are micro adjustable and save a lot of weight. Depending on your puck set-up they might be lighter than Phantoms-and necessary for a high angle stance. He uses a voile toe bail so its easily replaceable and won’t wear into your boot like a metal one. I ordered mine in the summer and it took a…[Read more]

  • I’d see if you get a boot to feel good with wide feet before buying anything else.

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    the different thing about these Trab toe pieces is that they have a lot more tension in unlocked mode so, as I understand, you are supposed to be able to tour with them in the unlocked position “most of the time” without just walking out of them. My presumption is that if you took a small ride on ascent you might not shred a knee as compared to…[Read more]

  • I think the design issue is boot mfgs try to design a boot that won’t become too soft too quickly. The sides and stiff back spine of the outer boot and liner contribute to forward lean resistance when laced up snug. You could easily cut a wedge into the back of a boot like an intuition pro tour liner has and stitch and glue some neoprene or…[Read more]

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    Hey mtnsurfr,

    It is true that there are few regularly manufactured boards for heavier riders who want a fast stable board for riding resorts. So you probably wont find anything different for $500ish. The Rossignol XV might be the most affordable mass produced board that has a nose that might not flutter and fold in the wind, but I’m only…[Read more]

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    Ha, yeah, I’m not sure motorsports ever gave up on the 80s

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    Hmm, are snowmobile boots flexy enough, never tried on a pair. not entirely cheap. They don’t have the agro forward lean at least.



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    looks like the Spark adapters would work, maybe the Trabs are 30 x 27 and the Spark plate has a 30 x 26.5mm pattern among all the patterns it takes. nice, that’ll be way easier than drill tapping and cutting. I’d probably be off a half mm in every direction anyway, lol.

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    Hey Snurfer,
    I haven’t put them on yet. For my current board that I’m still in love with, I was just going to make an adapter to voile pattern out of some aluminum stock that I have. It is all paulownia wood so screws are not the best idea. Next board, if I finish one for myself this winter, will just have some dense wood in the binding area…[Read more]

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    I think I will get onto my hard boots for a ride this winter. I’m looking to shake weight, as well as improve safety so I have been on the prowl for a tech binding that would have chance at releasing in climb mode. These Gara bindings are pretty interesting. They don’t work on springs, but torque on the bar. They don’t have the easy step in…[Read more]

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    SOLD, thank you Powder Rider

  • Hey there,
    I have a brand new pair of Spark Tech toes that I will probably not use. They have never been used or even mounted up. The screw pattern matches the Voile pattern. Selling for $120 shipped to lower 48, $110 local pickup her in Utah. Paypal or local sale. They are the black with blue ones as in this product photo.…[Read more]

  • Got it. when you start it up it should show what firmware or software version it ti running. If you are a few versions behind it can be updated. If you want to update it you can mail it to their nearest service place.

  • Hey TLN,
    I don’t think you need to worry about a new modern beacon becoming less functional over time. When you meet up to tour with someone or find someone locally to run beacon drills with, you will be assured that it is functional. (I once trained beacon basics to friends in the sand in Hawaii when I lived there for a short bit.) You test…[Read more]

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    Hey lernr, one access to perhaps my favorite line in the Wasatch requires about 500 vertical feet of low to mid 40 degrees where the ridgeline has twists and puts you into the face essentially. (If you hike right on the (rounded) ridge, a slide would put you into timber in a fatal way and/or over cliffs in an also fatal way.) If I like the…[Read more]

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    I have a front foot angle way beyond 30 degrees ruling out a phantom set up, so for my hard boot adventures I picked up a set of the Splitboard powers from France. 275 grams, well designed and beautifully machined/finished. Price was upper 300s.

    Splitboard Hardboot SPX 275 binding

    I dig the Spark stuff, have a new pair of arc…[Read more]

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