• I love the CSD skins, strong glue, strong traction, no need for tail clips, work in very cold temps. Roll them separately without putting glue to glue. Store them on plastic sheets between tours.

  • IMO tip clips do two main things, they keep brush from wedging in and they help hold your split together before touring brackets go on. If it stays put when closed, don’t sweat it. If the clip forces itself apart you can file (or sand with sandpaper and a round thing) out the side of the round near the center line of the board so it doesn’t want…[Read more]

  • Two possibilities are: that one of the rivets has widened its hole toward the other, or the clip has deformed or stretched out a bit.

  • Scooby2 replied to the topic Tahoe Labs Split in the forum Splitboards 3 weeks, 1 day ago

    My two cents is that core shots are more a function of the density of a wood core. Rocks will push through the base composite a lot easier if the core is softer. You can layer in Kevlar or other aramid type fibers in the board base, but rocks will still smash the core material in even if they are prevented from tearing into wood. So it’s just…[Read more]

  • Marran,
    I hear you on insert weight. When you work super hard to make a spotlight board, it is inconsistent to put .25 lbs of inserts in it. For a board selling north of 1000, they should be titanium. Ski screws work for a board I make for myself, but probably do not meet the ISO standard for screw retention which is likely the standard a mfg.…[Read more]

  • I like the smith ballistic series glasses with the light rose tint. Its a good light color for riding on the shady north sides and they are durable and can be had in the $50 dollar range.

    oh and an easy guide: if you are over 40 you ride with glasses unless it is snowing or over the knee, If you are under 30 you wear goggles as much as…[Read more]

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    Nice WS! I love easy slalom trees

  • Yeah Pablo, if you bought the board new, I would push to have it replaced because an insert out of the pattern is unacceptable at retail price.

    Otherwise a touring bracket is like a $25 part I think and pretty easy to customize if you only need a few mm of room for an out of place insert. I have shaved space on a Spark LT bracket from having…[Read more]

  • maybe just use a round file and stretch the holes out in the touring bracket to where they need to be.

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    You can sort of de-fabricate the Yonex system so it is very narrow and run w/o highbacks, it is technical work if you do it the lightest way, but it still costs like three times that of the K2.

    For my little crew, step-ins are kinda like lightweight boards, it is just hard to go back to the hassle of sitting down and strapping at the top or on…[Read more]

  • Scooby2 replied to the topic Burton Step On Bindings in the forum Bindings 1 month, 3 weeks ago

    I use the Yonex accublade step ins with my kids at resorts. It is awesome for teaching kids! They currently only make size 28.0 and smaller though. Boot quality is very high. Not sure why you’d be interested in the Burton system for splitting which is so wide when the K2 system is so streamlined. Every approach has its pros and…[Read more]

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    I reckon the listing of weight ranges on these newer lightweight boards is more of a statement that the buyer shouldn’t exceed the stated weight range and expect the board to survive for a long time.

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    you can follow the link to the photos that aren’t showing, then click on NeverSummer303’s name above the non-photo image. It’s a case of peely topsheet.

  • Scooby2 replied to the topic Union Expedition in the forum Bindings 2 months ago

    ahh, when you are sponsored to promote a companies products you are bound by contract to support whatever they brew up, be it an energy drink or whatever. He is not a splitboard purist by any means. I thought he was very diplomatic in his description of where they fall in the market in that they weren’t the most tech for climbing but they are…[Read more]

  • I guess the plus of the hoji boot in the context of splitting is that the lower shell is wide with a roomy warm toe box. Looks to all be irrelevant with the lack of a toe ledge for a light hard boot binding.

    The opportunity for a hard-shell snowboard boot probably lies in composite construction. It is labor intensive but not capital intensive…[Read more]

  • NK,
    I’m guessing you have size 11 feet or so, if that is the case and you ride a lot of low angle pow, there is still a real and discernible amount of float and speed you could add from riding a wider board. There aren’t a lot of larger and wider Hovercraft type splits out there though.

    I’m 6’1. 190 something usually. Years ago I switched…[Read more]

  • Scooby2 replied to the topic Union Expedition in the forum Bindings 2 months, 2 weeks ago

    I think his dog said either:

    “aww I’m going back to the truck, give me the keys”


    ” just run Voile already”

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    Nice country there Karkis, I enjoyed those photos having seen photos of those places in the winter, adds a whole new level to route-finding.

  • Scooby2 replied to the topic New and confused! in the forum Splitboard Talk Forum 3 months ago

    I second what Buell said, shorter boards are fine for denser coastal snow, Deeper and drier Wasatch type and BC snow you’ll need width. I have two girls in my family with size 9 and 10 womens who both ride men’s boards because 24.5 cm doesn’t cut it for Women’s 9 and 10 for width, especially in Utah. Make sure you have ample width first. At…[Read more]

  • Post grind on base side ultralight composite repair. Pretty smooth, a small bit of innegra showing but minor. Id put the last layer on innegra side down next time. I have a good feeling about this fix, we will see. Grind by 7even skis here in Utah, who I highly recommend.

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