• I totally agree….

    If small innovators could enter the game, I feel that we would see rapid boot evolution on both the soft and hard sides of the political snowboard isle.

  • Hey guys!

    Thought I’d dig up this old thread. With all the chatter about hardboots on SB.com, I thought I’d see if anyone out there is still more interested in a technical “mountaineering” style boot for general splitboard and alpinism needs.

    I have the Fitwells, new Jones boots, have used the K2 Aspects, the Deeluxes, and countless other…[Read more]

  • Taylor, your comment about AT boots being better in pow sounds a lot like creative justification! Of course flex all depends on the boot…If you’re comparing a brand new pair of Salomon Malamutes, then sure, the AT boots are softer. But look at the new K2 Taro Tomai boot. There’s a reason the industry is still married to softboot technology.

    I…[Read more]

  • I will agree with your original post that cutting grams absolutely matters. In fact, it makes an absolutely profound difference. You can look at any study on elite XC running: The less the athlete carries, the less Oxygen is required to perform the task.

    Analysis of weight on feet VS. weight on pack:

    In graduate school I studied oxygen…[Read more]

  • This is a really good question.

    And for the sake of keeping Splitboard.com a SPLITBOARD website, and not just a “hard booter’s website”, I think questions like this are important.

    I’ve weighed quite a number of boots, and Tommaso is right, you can’t find a “real” boot with a Vibram sole and heel welt for under 1,000 grams.

    I just got a pair…[Read more]

  • This is a really good post with a good question…

    In my experience, splitboards “used to be” a major detriment to shredding performance. However, in recent years we’ve really dialed things in.

    In full disclosure, I was the first full time employee at Karakoram, and I still go to work there every day with a singular goal: Make splitboarding…[Read more]

  • In reply to: Cbalke wrote a new post, Storm Troopers: A No Fly Zone Expedition in Alaska | Full Film Storm Troopers, this heavy spine wall in Alaska has seen some play over the years. It’s challenging terrain has required challengers of only the highest caliber. With a recent rezoning, the area now falls within a […] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c1R8oSZDtYY View

    Hell yes boys!! Zach and Tony, I’m joining the next one!! hehehehe!!

  • Hey Swalbster,

    Just want to thank you for your comments about Adam. He, Liz and myself had a really amazing pose years ago, and its been extremely hard coming to terms with the fact that I’m the only remaining member.

    Thanks so much for your words buddy,


  • russman replied to the topic Boot Forum Change? in the forum Boots 9 months, 3 weeks ago

    Hey Colin,

    I don’t think that will be an issue. There are already so many threads on here that discuss the differences between hard boots and soft boots. I feel that the “hard v. soft” discussion is more of a thread by thread topic, not a general forum topic. Although many on SB.com use hard boots, the vast majority of splitboarders out there…[Read more]

  • Hey Carneyme,

    Did you ever get your risers figured out? I’m not sure what happened with your emails last winter. They should have been received by our customer service software, and new ones should have been sent out. Regardless, send me a PM and I will get your risers replaced with the new DualSpeeds.

    The new risers are AMAZING, by the way…

  • Hey Scooby2,

    Which ankle straps do you have? The new AirForm Ankles, or the Foam / Rubber straps?

    I’ve been running softer flexing boots over the past few seasons, and with our new AirForm Ankle strap, I can get tons of ankle flexion. I actually run a softer medial ladder that stretches more for when I want more flex, and then a stiff,…[Read more]

  • russman started the topic Boot Forum Change? in the forum Boots 10 months, 2 weeks ago

    Hey Colin and BC Rider!

    What if you guys broke the boot forum into 2 categories? One for softboot wankers, and one for hardboot kooks?

    There’s a lot going on in the world of splitboard specific boots, and I think its time this forum was rebooted with some new energy!

    What does everybody think?

  • This is a great post!! I really dig how you describe the heelside turn… So many people make the mistake of chattering out onto their butts on hardpack / icy turns. I advise people, that before entering truly serious terrain, that they absolutely perfect the art of a deep, high speed heelside cranking turn on an icy groomer. If you can even…[Read more]

  • Man, its been A WHILE since I read this thread! I remember posting the original thread when I was pissed off after having just spoken to a guy at K2.

    I started by asking a La Sportiva engineer if they would ever be interested in creating a new snowboard boot that took crampons. Back in 2009 nothing like that existed for production boots. In his…[Read more]

  • I have seen these boots in person, and will be giving them a solid try in the coming weeks. I have access to nearly unlimited prototyping capabilities at KK, and I already have my modifications figured out. Once I have them modded I’ll let you guy know how well they flex for dynamic snowboarding.

  • I have seen these boots in person, and will be giving them a solid try in the coming weeks. I have access to nearly unlimited prototyping capabilities at KK, so once I have them I’ll let you guy know how well they flex for dynamic snowboarding.

  • Price reduced! $900!!

    I was in a serious car accident last week, and the board must go..

  • Yeah guys, super super stoked to be “mostly” healthy. I think I’m going to have back pain for a while though… Its tough to be upright for more than 45 minutes at the moment. Its sorta like an elephant stepped on my chest!

    Hey @WhitePine, what is your buddy’s name? Did he work at Karakoram last summer?

  • Hey everybody,

    I just wanted to post a little story about a car accident I was involved in on Monday morning as a reminder that most accidents in fact DO NOT happen as a result of avalanches, but rather, bad driving.

    I’ve been working on my “Dream Toyota 4×4” project for over a year now, and the highly badass engine conversion was just…[Read more]

  • Okay, I wasn’t sure that I was going to do it, but here I am… I’m letting go of my brand new (never ridden) Jones 164cm Carbon Solution. This is the 2014-2015 iteration.

    The Prime Interface on the board is not included, but possibly for sale as an extra.
    As you probably already know, this is the Big Daddy to all high speed free ride weapons.…[Read more]

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