• This may be a long shot. I’ve recently moved back to Seattle and have weekdays off, so I’m looking for split partners that can get out mid-week.

    I have a low level of acceptable risk, don’t mind staying in safer terrain at all. I’ve completed Avy 1 and 2 at Baker in the past 3 years. I’m new to splitting this year but in good shape and have all…[Read more]

  • RichG replied to the topic Stolen split in the forum Splitboard Talk Forum 8 years ago

    Yeah, I have insurance and all the receipts for the Lib and K setup. The bikes are going to be the big hurt, I’m sure the insurance won’t begin to cover the cost of replacement. Oh well, it’s only stuff, right? Thanks for keeping an eye out. I’ve got the word out in the Seattle bike community, hopefully something will turn up.


  • Just ordered my split and bindings. I’m brand-new to split-boarding but I’m in good shape and reasonably snow- and outdoor-savvy. Avy 1 and 2 certified but can always use more practice with the beacon.

    Retail employee so I am looking for mid-week partners.