• @jimw wrote:

    Are you saying you figured out a way to do it?

    Uh definitely not. My mods involve grinding pieces off to shave weight as opposed to creatively building something useful like what you propose.

    re: tele, I tried exactly the same thing and find that in icy, hard conditions, I’m basically pointing the tips down and praying. Thus, the…[Read more]

  • Great feedback, that’s helpful. I’ve only encountered a handful of splitters here in the PNW so it’s interesting to hear different approaches and level of risk.

    Jimw, you’re right … definitely not ideal splitboarding terrain. Even though I’m a skier, I can’t ski the split w/o skins for the life of me. Even with heels locked down, I’d kill…[Read more]

  • http://aftoyota.neptune.com?selectedalbum=aftoyota246992
    is a 5 min video clip. Think the site only supports IE Explorer though.

    We had great vis and relatively stable avie conditions. Towards the end though, as temps warmed, ice fall was making conditions unstable. That’s what caused the avie in the clip. In fact, a skin track originally went…[Read more]

  • powtoy replied to the topic Crampons for Dynafit mod. in the forum 15 years, 2 months ago

    Sorry to resurrect an old thread but does anyone know how to get ahold of this crampon? It’s freakin’ sweet. B&D’s link is now defunct and Google doesn’t shed any light. We’re attempting a Haute route variation in April and the idea of using Dynafit bindings plus this crampon is mighty enticing.

    Also, can anyone shed light on the pro/cons of…[Read more]