• I’ll go ahead and recommend a waterjet cut because mine came out awesome. It really does take out such a minimal amount of material it’s hard to describe. When the board is put back together, the graphics line up perfect and it doesn’t surprise me that you could thread a screw in the burton hole pattern after the cut.. I’m not sure if “weld a…[Read more]

  • @radam wrote:

    I took a ‘Level 1’ from Mountain Savvy/ Glenn Kessler in 2006 as a 2 day course in Bend. At the time it was the only course offered in Oregon period. An extra day was not an option at that time. There was really cold temps at the time so we got to see some great crystal growth. Also the books ‘Snow Sense’ ($10 on Amazon) and also…

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  • Mushi replied to the topic Voile Split Kits in the forum DIY and Mods 8 years, 6 months ago

    Sounds like the same product. I got my split decision kit from REI, it’s the updated two-hole puck version.

    REI’s aweosme return policy kinda goes without saying, so if it’s not what you’re expecting, you can always get your money back.

  • Re: Certification – I’m not planning on guiding any trips, but on the flip side, I’m not aware of any other avalanche courses offered in the Portland area. I probably wouldn’t drive much further than Mt. Hood, but if other people have alternatives that are just as good and much cheaper, I’m all ears.

    For reference, the Mt. Savvy class is $235…[Read more]

  • Has anyone done the MountainSavvy Level 1 class? I’m signed up for the January 21-22 session. Not sure if anyone else is signed up for that particular session. I’m assuming some folks here have gone through the program too.

    Is there anything to do to help make the most of my time in the class? I have the Bruce Tremper book and have read it…[Read more]

  • @Snurfer wrote:

    Clicker is alive and well and advancing every year in Japan under several brands…

    Hard talk to describe everything (killed, destroyed, owned, ruined) This is the last shit to cross my mind when I’m in the outdoors… :scratch:

    I have heard of at least one U.S. company that died because when they tried to improve on the…[Read more]

  • Also in Sellwood. Near 21st and Bidwell. I’m always down to meet new people and grab a beer, so PM me if you go to oaks bottom! I’m new to splitting so meeting people that I can learn from and hit up Mt. Hood sounds good. Also seconding that the best beer in the neighborhood is there. Beermongers on 12th and division is pretty good too. They…[Read more]

  • That really depends on a lot of factors. Do you want to be closer to the mountains? Night life? Good beer? If you can live anywhere in Oregon and you like outdoor stuff, you might consider Bend as well. Eugene is a pretty good place to live if you like a liberal (hippie) lifestyle, but it’s pretty far from the bigger mountains.

    I can give you…[Read more]

  • Thanks! The waterjet really does produce a perfect cut. I honestly can’t imagine a more painless method if you have access to it. I have a p-tex candle that I’ve used for repairing gouges – is that the same thing as the metal ptex? Chris over at Next Adventure offered to metal-grip any t-nuts or hardware, which sounded like a step up from…[Read more]

  • This is crazy good. I thought there would be more about how he got into that position at the beginning where he lost his ice axe, but no dice. Straightlining that icefall too. Yikes.

  • Best of luck to you. I started my own business after a few months of unemployment. After a year I’m still in business but it has definitely been and continues to be a struggle! You can’t put a price on the freedom of being your own boss though, and if you can make it on your own, that is true job security.

    Thanks for all you have done for the…[Read more]

  • I’m going to go ahead and guess he just slathered on the varnish/spar urethane without bothering to mask the topboard/base.

  • I’ll take a stab at this since I just finished up my DIY with the Voile kit and the idea of what exactly is needed is still fresh in my mind.

    My understanding is that Karakoram bindings come with a DIY mounting kit for their interface. So if money is no object and you want a “complete” system, the Karakoram bindings are another DIY option and…[Read more]

  • You can always skin up the Palmer snowfield and beyond from Timberline lodge on Mt. Hood.

  • If budget isn’t too much of an issue and there is a local shop available, I just got my board back from the water-jet cutter and compared to the board I used a skilsaw on, the waterjet cut is much, much better. Perfectly centered, straight and incredibly clean, with practically no material lost to the cut. I paid $60 to have it done.

    edit: just…[Read more]

  • I’m in PDX – done a few backcountry trips and looking to ditch the snowshoes. Got the avy gear but haven’t taken a course yet – planning on signing up for the mountain savvy course later in the year (as that is typically when I go out touring with my buddies).

    I will have to stop by next adventure when i’m done with my DIY. Bought a used board…[Read more]

  • Mushi replied to the topic DIY done! in the forum DIY and Mods 8 years, 8 months ago

    Hey, cool. I’m also from Portland. Might have some handy info: If you want to use a drill press for your next split but don’t want to buy one, check out the various Portland Tool Libraries. I’m in Sellwood and borrowed a bunch of stuff for a week to work on my DIY. I borrowed a drill press from someone at work, but at the SE library they had…[Read more]

  • Mushi replied to the topic DIY done! in the forum DIY and Mods 8 years, 8 months ago

    Looks awesome man! You look like you’re just ahead of the game from where I am – working on my first split too and very much ready to be off of snowshoes.

    Did you practice on a throwaway board first? If so, any tips/problems on transitioning to the real deal? I’ve made my practice board look like swiss cheese and I finally feel like I’m ready…[Read more]

  • Great idea! I hadn’t thought of that – I didn’t use pilot holes because I had the drill press, and I was definitely hesitant to put the stickers on the bottom of the board to do the forstner hole first.

    Thanks for the tip and the quick response.

    edit: I went back and drilled a few holes with this method. The only thing I’ll add is that instead…[Read more]