• Actually the PATCH has moved down the road about a half a mile or so right next down to my summer peak patch. They have also added a lot more hardware than in years past

  • You were right the genius’ got in about half a mile before we had to use our avy shovels just to get the jeep unstuck and turned around. The Polarius made many runs by us on the skin up the road. I put out my thumb to try and hitch a ride but no takers. Next time i’m flashing a 20. It was about 1 and a half miles in but it was well worth it.…[Read more]

  • Actually it was a Piper Dakota!! When u have a passion for turns a small patch, a medium sized one or a hugh peak put the same smile on your face. That piper has helped me score rubicon peak, echo lake, carson pass,mammouth, lassen, brians head UT and telluride colo. Funny thing is in that last TR the plane never went higher than 6500ft from the…[Read more]

  • After looking at your 2+ mile hike into RT I simply drove over to the backside and walked the 50 ft or so to ride this on Sept 23. It was my girls bday so I had to throw in her pic so someone would look at this

  • U r right jaybaysurfer. Life passes quickly. My daughter was only 11 months old when she was on skiis. Now she is an adult going off to college. When i went to cal poly i worked during the summer and paid my own way thru college. U better start saving now because as bad as tuition is now it will be horrible 10 years from now. But remember all…[Read more]

  • Chris if u do head this wknd let me know. No online access after noon today. U can call me 831-901-7036 if u decide to head to skylar pond….jim

  • give me some details as i will be up there this wknd. Leaving for south shore tomorrow

  • jimt3 replied to the topic ECHO LAKE JULY16 in the forum Trip Reports 8 years, 8 months ago

    Hey Chris, Skylar pond was looking real nice on the 16th. Pretty much the same as last year but instead of june 21 when we were there in 2010 it is now a month later..same snow pack but I imagine melting pretty fast as u can see from some of those pics. I am heading up this wknd and might check out Echo but will probably go to my secret spot for…[Read more]

  • jimt3 replied to the topic lake tahoe! Need data! in the forum Trip Reports 9 years ago

    May is going to be a great month if last yr was any indication. It pretty much snowed every week from apr1 – june 15. If you stay around tahoe Red lakes peak at carson pass is a big local favorite. Skin from 8500k up to 10k and ride down to the hiway at 7.3k. Easy up..awesome views and ride down plus south lake tahoe nitelife if only 1/2 hr away.…[Read more]

  • Its not that secret! If you live in tahoe most locals know where the “PATCH” is. Its just a stones throw from there. Peak 9016 should be easy to find on a topo. AS for the pics I have plenty but being somewhat dated I am not that computer savvy. The good news for me is that I will be riding this same spot sat and sun (aug1) making it the first…[Read more]

  • Hey Chris, I know what is coming. Hopefully it wont be another baptismal. What day was that. I am heading to ralston as per your suggestion from fathers day. You pics are giving me a little beta for this fri and sat wether it will be worth it or not….jimt3

  • jimt3 replied to the topic Father’s Day TR 2010 in the forum Tahoe 9 years, 9 months ago

    Hey Chris, what a great father’s day!!! I hope I didnt steal too much of your thunder but with my 17 yr old daughter off at summer camp and my father’s day put off a week I had Sky to help me appreciate what fathers day is all about. I know you were beaming all day but I also got a feel for it when I got to set a bootpack on the lower face…[Read more]

  • To continue the above post, Sunday was to be an even better day. Sunday morning AC and Nils whom I met here showed up at the dock with Chris and his son Skylar. We all did our greetings and hit the taxi for the ride across the lake. Cameras were going off everywhere with Chris ( splitboard.com) and AC ( firsttracks productions ) having all the…[Read more]

  • I dont think i will ever have the legs to reach the other crater lake. This one was hard enough for me and it was only 3 or 4 miles

  • I drove past roundtop on saturday july 25th about 4pm thinking the lines down from the crescent would look as promising as they did last weekend. Seeing a big melt off since the prior saturday and the mass of people at the top of the pass I drove east a few miles to red lake and 4X4ED to my own little patch. It also had a nice melt off but at…[Read more]

  • You can probably get to the patch without 4×4 but beyond there no way! The road the rest of the way to the crest is full 4×4 with clearance until the summit until you drop down to blue lake. As for skiing/boarding I climbed a line just before the patch with maybe 3-500 vert and maybe approaching 30 degrees near the top of the snow field. Walked…[Read more]

  • Hi Chris, How many $$ is the boat taxi now. It was getting pretty steep last year. I rode Becker Peak a week before Memorial Day and the snow was pretty slim for mid may. I usually hit Baldy around the first week or 2 of June but but it doesnt look so good this year…jim

  • Hey Chris, looks like you pretty much milked out what was left on RALSTON. I did the Baldy thing on June 1 via the log and it was pretty much primo top to bottom. Perfectly smooth snow, no cups, and skiing/riding out into the flats. Talking Mtn went all the way to the lake then. It looks like Ralston is pretty much finished now. I did score a…[Read more]

  • jimt3 replied to the topic Ralston Peak 5/30 in the forum Trip Reports 11 years, 10 months ago

    I also had a shot at Ralston/ Baldy on Sunday june 1st just a few days after your trip. The bad news for me was the boat taxi running only half way so we had to walk an extra mile each way. I brought my snowboard buddy for his first hike/board/ski experience. We hit Baldy bowl which is a much shorter skin than Ralston with access to similiar…[Read more]

  • Hey Chris, you are right it didnt look good from the boat ramp but most of the young kids driving the taxis recognize me from every year and I got some good beta out of them the afternoon before. Most of them board or ski there and they are always full of good info. I dont think you will be able to ski the steep above the flats where you guys…[Read more]

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