• I have the voile riser / heel lock setup for 2 seasons now and it never failed. I found it to be important to be really precise on the position when mounting. It looks a bit sketchy but holds the heel quite firm actually. I wouldn’t trust it for anything where a failure could be dramatic but then again I hardly ever move in such conditions and if…[Read more]

  • hey lu hyu,

    i can only talk from my personal experience but I’ve been quite happy with moving the lever to the pivot point on the backlands. Unlike with the classic TLT mod where you put both sides on the pivot, I decided to only move the lever to the pivot and leave the little cable guide piece where it is. With my lever/cable size this mod…[Read more]

  • @VtVolk I’ve never had the chance to try the Travers but I imagine they are pretty similar to the backlands. When conditions are good or when riding powder I also never had any issues with the riding feel of hardboots. It’s rather when conditions are bad as in icy or chundery snow that I feel the difference to the more cushy softboots. So I guess…[Read more]

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    i just wanted to share with you my diy version of the flexible lever idea. in this case for the backland boot, but obviously applicable to any boot with a similar locking mechanism. It’s based on the various year old existing spring system of alpine carving boots, i had this idea in mind for some time but only some weeks ago during a storm…[Read more]

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