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    technically in the s but more to the east….maybe too far for you….dont know….but these were some mtns i always wanted to tour.

    take care.

  • Just wanted to say to Dan on the forum thanks for the time n effort you put into your work, surly it is “undervalued” to say the least!

    Mt Gilbert is in there? Which one is Mt. Gilbert again? Ahh they are all Mt Gilbert – pay no attention to this move on now.

  • A ver a ver aver:-) photos bonitos. Good to see two really great tahoe riders teaming up for great timeslike these. Seen many a tahoe tr but this one……hay cariño! :clap:

  • fullers2oh replied to the topic peru surf trip in the forum Trip Reports 9 years, 10 months ago

    finally found some time to finish this one up. resting my sore body from many many days of good waves.

    this is where i was staying in chicama until i moved on to more humble accommodations. well worth it if you just plan to visit for a week or two, but longer is better to be more economical.

    a few more shots from the single fin red board…[Read more]

  • Wanted to bump this thread back up so people who may have missed it before can enjoy this.

    Matt, this is such an amazing accomplishment and very well documented TR, excellent photos….and solo!

    You are the MAN! :bow: :bow: :bow:

    I was researching for my trip and came across this one again. It made me very happy to take the time to re-read…[Read more]

  • thx for all the kind words folks….yeah josh no stoke here move along now 😉
    brooks i hope rather than being jealous i inspire you in some way, that would bring me joy.

    fixed the splllenig error there…but whats in a name anyway. according to the books the name was chosen as the original name was not known. the people who knew the original…[Read more]

  • amazing TR and I cannot believe for your first split you went to mt cook. i think i like this guy. what is your name?
    mowing the lawn with skins? ha ha! i like your sense of humor. and ill have to try that sometime. paging tex? can i mow your lawn with the…[Read more]

    :doobie: :doobie: :doobie: :thumpsup:
    :doobie: :doobie: :doobie: :disco:
    :doobie: :doobie: :doobie: :bananas:

    me gUUUUUUUUsta mUUUUUUUUcho!


    i always enjoy the far north postings and you guys have some really amazing terrain up there.

    this spring….qiuero IRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! long days,…[Read more]

  • fullers2oh replied to the topic peru surf trip in the forum Trip Reports 10 years ago

    josh yes it is very important to me to fully appreciate the life we have been given. saw my chance and went for it.

    it feels very good to be here now. when my time is up in peru it will have been over 1 month. so very happy to put in some time like that away from the US and our way of life. being away from most of it all, it is quite peaceful.…[Read more]

  • fullers2oh replied to the topic 3 Generations on a rope in the forum Trip Reports 10 years ago

    yes that is one thing that is so great to see you guys and gals taking your kids out to share in the joy of the mountians. they dont have to be shredders or chargers, just going out for some fun in the mtns with the family. myself, i know i have some early memories of my experiences with my family in the mtns, i remember being 3 yrs old and skiing…[Read more]

  • fullers2oh replied to the topic peru surf trip in the forum Trip Reports 10 years ago

    yeah josh you said what was on my mind, of course. i know why i like this place so much, it is the peruvian version of bishop. very small town feel but pleny of outdoorsy stuff to do, which i have not even thought about cuz the surf is always going off! and tex IF i ever come back and we go to that spot you will behave ok, for me? please? thanks!…[Read more]

  • fullers2oh replied to the topic peru surf trip in the forum Trip Reports 10 years ago

    henning you still get some major points for that half mile you rack up early morn! surfing trestles is no walk in the park! well it is…but, well whatever. it is the polar opposite down here, but this place is quite a bit more popular than when i was here 5 yrs ago. still no crowd problem, but maybe in 5 or 10 years….will see. the current here…[Read more]

  • heynow some nice sept stoke for cali, tahoe no less. well looks like you both were enjoying the time and so great to see you sharing your joy de las mountians con tu hija!

    ….oh and its a good thing this isnt tgr :mrgreen:

  • fullers2oh replied to the topic peru surf trip in the forum Trip Reports 10 years ago

    ya lolz chris, we gotta get you out from behind those boats bra. maybe into a boat and out to a spot….somewhere in cali?

    well at least boat surfing is very good for your swimming muscles and also keeps the fitness in your legs for snowboarding, not to mention you can get really long “rides” 😆

    i will have to be more diligent about…[Read more]

  • fullers2oh replied to the topic peru surf trip in the forum Trip Reports 10 years ago

    @swanny wrote:

    Hey Todos you went to South America in their winter without a splitboard? And all you do is post sick pics of pealing waves? Nice! Keep up the cross training, your going to Canada.

    HA HA. 😉 😆 :banghead:

    Mikey – when you put it that way it almost sounds foolish. re:canada ….Yeah I know I want to attend all the…[Read more]

  • fullers2oh replied to the topic peru surf trip in the forum Trip Reports 10 years ago

    here is a little update for today>>>

    Day 4 or Day 2 of real waves.

    Not sure why this is no longer working, too bad. Rather amazing for such a remote and small fishing village.

    These mtns are behind the point at Chicama. Also dont know why but all Peruvian construction has that rebar sticking out the top!

    The fleet sits idle, due to…[Read more]

  • @ghaniman wrote:

    my vote for next cover shot….nice one :mrgreen:

  • fullers2oh replied to the topic staff reduction in the forum Trip Reports 10 years ago

    thx guys yeah gav take the work you can always surf later, my advice for now. btw i was very serious about a fall euro trip – so maybe i can hit you up for a surf session or whatever? im asssuming with your screen name you are somewhere in ireland? quite a few spots on the list i have always wanted to check out there.

    spicoli i dont know you yet…[Read more]

  • thanks! those are great shots and i always really enjoy your NZ tr’s. looks like an amazing place and some good snow conditions/riding.

  • Well actually – NO!I was reading the NWS website and came across a very interesting alert saying that winter has actually been cancelled for this year. 😥 Try back again next year. :banghead: :scratch:

    Cabin fever? At least you have power. I remember waiting out storms as a kid and just hanging out in the dark with a candle.

    Hey IrishGav…[Read more]

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