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    @snotroll wrote:

    I also made some adjustments to my bindings (karakoram). that seemed to help but i really hated the way my toe would catch, especially when there was any kind of wind/sun baked layer.

    Yes, I’ll concur that the board rips!! I’m 180 and have the 162 which is fine for most terrain. Seems like they should have made…[Read more]

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    We’ll be coming from Portland and my buddy’s name is Phil.
    I’ve talked with him and were confirmed.
    We were just up there last weekend, pretty sweet place that will make a great base camp for touring!
    Just let me know any details that we need to know.

    Sounds good, you guys are on the list. I think it’s a good spot too, there are…[Read more]

  • @emsnow wrote:

    Any chance in getting in on this TJ trip?
    I’m pretty sure I could get one other splitter there too.

    For sure! Where you coming from? What’s your buddy’s name?

    With you guys, there are currently about 14 slots left open in the cabin. Overflow can still camp/snowcave in the woods.

    Assuming we get our 25 slots filled,…[Read more]