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    Same here, I had similar pressure on the inside of my ankle bone only in descending mode.

    Two things helped:

    1. Ditch the stock liners. I went with Intuition Pro Tour Liners, and they are WAY thicker and provide way more padding. They are expensive and well worth it, I’m guessing would remove the pressure on that blue area. Once I got them…[Read more]

  • Bump for added photos! Still available, let me know if you are interested!

  • Selling gently used/minority modded La Sportiva Sideral 2.0 hardboots, asking $200.

    Sides of cuffs have been cut down slightly to increase medial flex, photos up close show this in more detail.

    Great for someone looking to get into hardboot splitting! For reference, my street shoe size is 10, wear size 9-9.5 in most snowboard boots (Vans, K2,…[Read more]

  • 20+ year PNW Snowboarder, expert level, 195 lbs. Typically ride 40+ days a season, lifts and splitboarding. Riding size 9 (street shoe size 9.5 – 10, 27.5 Mondo size in hardboots). Midwide foot, high arch and high instep. Running stock insoles for now. Run these on my 154 Ride Warpig and 163 Weston Backwoods split w/ Medium Karakorum Prime Connect…[Read more]

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    Sending you a PM!

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    @generalyen I haven’t tried my Speedfit liners yet, never ridden TLT6s either. Going to try the stock ones first before I drop coin on new liners!

    My buddy has ridden his TLT6s for 3-4 seasons, in bounds and touring on the stock mountain liners though. I think some people are just pickier than others with that kind of stuff, he’s fine with…[Read more]

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    Agreed. Only reason I got rid of my Backlands is because I accidentally bought 1 shell size too big, should have been in 27/27.5. I liked them and they rode great, but again…like @SkateBananas said, the support for mods from Phantom (and the hard split community) really makes Speedfits the best.

    Before…TLTs weren’t an option as my foot just…[Read more]

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    Backlands are going to a buddy of mine! I do have my Sideral 2.1s in 27.5 though. Punched out for wider feet. Would let ’em go for $200.

    Slightly cut down lower cuff for more medial flex. Just never agreed with my feet, other people swear by them though.

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    Also, I could never really fit in the older TLT6s (green color). These Speedfits are definitely wider. Fit feels similar to my Backlands, and definitely wider than my La Sportiva Sideral 2.1s in the same size which I had to get punched. I have mid-wide feet, so I don’t usually buy “wide” shoes, but narrower boots never really work out for me.

    If…[Read more]

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    Starting a new thread since my post just isn’t working in the existing TLT6 mod thread.

    Did the Phantom Mod Kit on my TLT Speedfits! First time around, I cut down the inner cuff a bit. When I tried the boots on, I got a weird pressure point on the inner side when I flexed towards the middle.

    So…took the boots apart and decided to do the…[Read more]

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    I don’t see why it wouldn’t work, especially if you’re already doing the Phantom mod. There should be enough flex in the cuff that even if it’s slightly smaller, once you put it all back together you should be fine.

    Also..what’s up with this forum? I did a huge post detailing my phantom mod, doesn’t seem like it landed anywhere. Will try again,…[Read more]

  • You local around the Seattle area?

  • Quick update about 1 year into use of my boots! I now use these at all times…on the splitty and on the solid.

    I’ve cut down the upper orange cuff about 4 mm all the way around. I still run the elliminator tongue – they fit great with the stock liner underneath the liner laces (which help hold them in place perfectly. I also now run the more…[Read more]

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    Agreed. I tried on the Backland Carbons to get a feel for sizing, then ordered the regular ones online. The Carbons would be WAY too stiff for riding, and I weigh 215lbs. They seemed to be significantly stiffer in terms of medial flex.

    For the regular backlands, I still haven’t had to mod them yet besides a set of eliminator tongues.

  • Just tried these out for the first time last night at Snoqualmie Pass to get them dialed in. First time riding in hardboots. Set up is size 28/28.5 backlands, medium Phantoms (bails set large, but bolts set in closer on both sides), ’16 Rossi Xavier XV 167cm.

    Boots set up in more aggressive forward lean setting, not running extra plastic…[Read more]

  • Nice, good to know.

    I usually run 18 – 21 degrees on the front and -5ish in the back, so maybe I won’t notice it as much. We’ll see.

  • Gotcha, thanks for the info!

    I tried the Atomic Backland Carbon in size 27/27.5 and it just felt too cramped, not worth punching out that much. The 28.5 fit just fine. Never tried a Dynafit One or BD Prime in 28.5, but I was pretty much bursting out of the 28.5 TLT and didn’t want to size up.

    Think the Backland Carbon would solve your heelside…[Read more]

  • I’ve very close to pulling the trigger on these in a size 28.5. I have a wide foot, both midfoot and at the ankle. TLTs just don’t work for me, but I tried the backlands on the other day and they seem absolutely perfect for my foot.

    Has anyone tried the Backlands and the La Sportiva Siderals? I know the Backlands will work, but I’ll have to pay…[Read more]

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