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    Hey there! is this for the walkie with the speaker mic? IF so Ill take both! ready to paypal. shipping to 80216. shoot me a text 720934-4258 eric

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    what is up with this forum? did every one stop putting in work and start standing in lines again?

    fuck a chairlift and the bull wheel it spins in on!

    unless of course its free, then I understand.

    is instagram the only effort we will put in?

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    If I had a resort pass I would probably be riding some of that for sure. I am disappointed in Colorado, we are having an all around EPIC (yep i used that word ) season so far. after basically riding the mountain bike until the end of november, it finally started snowing!! a little late but DANG she has come on strong and we are crushing it right now!!! snow is deep everywhere and stability is surprisingly good. I have been filming everyday I go out and working on edits for each of those days.. it is a pain in the ass to edit but its fun to watch!. Hope everyone is out getting this snow.

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    I bet that dynafit had something to do with this… looks like a lot of that lateral movement came from strait removing the plastic hard shell around the top of the foot. That spot just needs to be more covered than it looks in this boot.
    The soles will get slaughtered if you where to spend one day here in the rocky mountains of colorado. my tlt6 sole looks like shit and probably wont last this full season. I think we will see something in the way of boots by the end of this snow season. I can hope since that will be about when I will need to start looking again.

    I just watched it again and that sole looks at least as thick as the dynashit if not thicker!

    better not go easy on them buell, product test that shit!

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    HAHAHHAHAHAhAh good to know Im not the only one who spaced that small detail of bindings in the pack.. I can bet money that it wont happen again as every time I doubt myself I will physically stop and look in my pack for the key pieces to let me SNOWBOARD and not ski. I will say it did give me much more confidence in my skiing ability. I rarely fear the ski out anymore, sometimes Ill even change up to ski mode if the terrain looks less than exciting for snowboarding.

    Snow has been going off recently in the front range, around 35″ in two days along the divide had BP skiing super fat and super crowded. Snow has since bonded a bit and some of the bigger lines are coming into shape. Got back on the snow machines after a little lapse due to some repairs and they are so helpful to avoid all the crowds. They are a great tool to access some amazing Colorado mountains.

    pictures to follow- when I have time to relax. Work, drive, ride, sleep,repeat.

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    dang guys that sucks to hear! i still like this board and have well over 100 days on it, and nothing much has happened since some of my first rock shots. the edge underneath my heal foot is totally missing the base but has yet to crack or delam. And I am not light or easy on boards. I live in the rocky mountains so i have tested it. I can only speculate that it is similar to other products made in china- YMMV.

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    I think the key to being fast is just getting out a lot. Your body will start its muscle memory process and its on from there! Just keep marching and become a slave to the grind. I find myself enjoying the uphill sometimes as much as the down hill. It is obviously better when you are fast and can keep solid pace all day because you will ride and see more terrain. But that doesn’t happen over night. With time transitions will be buttery smooth and second nature. When everything “comes together” you doing more and more laps in a faster time frame and its just as easy. Making the standard 25 min skin in 12-15. 5-10 laps instead of 2-3. Two more coulies instead of one big lap. Thats the goal for me anyways! MORE more more FUN !

    i love apples while touring!

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    here are some pics since I am slacking with that. enjoy

    looking into a silly fun halfpipe gully
    3-21-16 530<script async src=”//” charset=”utf-8″></script>" />

    fairplay john shredding some southeast semicorn
    3-21-16 743<script async src=”//” charset=”utf-8″></script>" />

    during the dry spell it was like may!
    3-21-16 581<script async src=”//” charset=”utf-8″></script>" />

    FPJohn classic slash n dash
    3-21-16 597<script async src=”//” charset=”utf-8″></script>" />

    making the most of a big lap with out my bindings. “skiing is easy”
    3-21-16 727<script async src=”//” charset=”utf-8″></script>" />

    recent pow runs! SO GOOD
    3-21-16 1046<script async src=”//” charset=”utf-8″></script>" />

    sunset runs are so fun! must do this more often
    3-21-16 1083<script async src=”//” charset=”utf-8″></script>" />

    shred on my friends!

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    hope everyone was out getting this magical revival of our winter season! such a nice storm for the front range mountains!!(sorry south guys) It has been amazing out here with great stability and pretty great snow after what felt like may for most of February. the season is still rolling and its getting good.


    you pretty much hit the nail on the head with your statement about there being numerous variables that dictate how big a tour you can do. I TRULY admire you for saying you want to get 10k and cut new skin tracks the whole time but dang, that is going to be pretty fucking radically difficult. For me its still about riding good snow and having fun so I will be more than happy to re use a skin track for multiple laps of a certain area. I do love the good use of slope aspect during different times of day, that only makes sense when your trying to go big and ride good snow. I am on my way to the 10k goal, I think I will accomplish that goal this spring when travel is much easier than in powder. During this last storm cycle that started on monday. I was able to tour what looks like around 21k of vert in 4 days. So that is an average of 5.2 a day. I did a new personal best of around 7k on sunday with fairplay john.
    (that guy is a fucking animal and ALWAYS wants to get out so definitely no lack of partner stoke there) and that was pretty exciting riding some great snow and enjoying a great zone.

    It really does come down to the posse you have that helps motivate and keep going when your gloppin up or cutting new tracks up some gnarly bullshit and it feels like the ridge will never end.

    some people enjoy suffer fests, I think it just makes the riding part better!



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    I would just like to say to barrows that your high if you think TLTs climb rock better than snowboard boots….

    I USE tlt boots and the phantoms so I actually have some true input… I used to tour on burton ION and even thought they sucked with crampons on they absolutely crushed climbing rock ridges VS the tlt boots. TLTS have zero flex and are very clunky when on sharp rock. this is just my opinion and I have spent a few years on each setup. Lets just say the fitwells are more and more appealing the more they work on the design. the rearward articulation is something they need to figure out as that is the main reason I converted to hard boots. that and the fact that they transition quick, sidehill well, front point like i had crampons on and ski well when you just cant keep a snowboard moving. I have a friend who is on them currently and he loves them, he also has no problem climbing or booting in them, they do look pretty bomber but the price of all these back country products is just getting to be downright insane. but thats a whole other thread.

    I dont give a shit what you ride as long as it doesn’t slow me down. LET GET SOME LAPS!!! whatever works for you.

    shred on my friends!

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    Interesting to see how you have been doing with your goals. I have been loosely watching my vert per day and will add it all up here soon. Im just basing my numbers on what I can see from google earth. not an actual program or watch or whatever. Next year I will likely set bigger goals and have the means to monitor exactly what I am doing. It has been fun so far and hopefully we have at least 3 more months of solid riding to go! This will be when the bigger days come into play for sure, still working towards the 10k day, that is the ultimate goal…. A huge goal but something big to work towards. time will tell.


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    yeah Travis! nice shots!
    Jason- how are those vert numbers coming along?

    The snow has been different but fun lately, this whole spring in February thing was kind of throwing me off but it did allow for some really good shred days on bigger peaks.

    Southparksplit and I have been touring some AMAZING new places thanks to the snow machines, they are a great tool to get you somewhere new and somewhere farther out away from the crowds. It adds another element to the whole process and can make for fun times when the weather isnt great or to check on a zone before skinning for a long time. I still love the silence of skinning!

    Hoping we get some storms here shortly, riding the alpine is fun right now but I would definitely take some more pow for a month or so before we get spring here again.

    I did have a funny mishap with the phantoms and wondering if anyone else has done this:
    strait up forgot to pack the bindings in my bag and toured almost 2000 vertical up to a nice top out on a feature rich face I would have loved to shred… (insert that silly ‘because I got high’ song)

    granted I skied it like a boss, but it sure wasn’t snowboarding..

    IF I would have had more light I would have FOR SURE went back up for a rebate..

    I will take a big photo dump here soon, just loading it up. HAHA SHRED ON friends!

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    nice work jason!

    I kind of figured a san juan guy would be not so impressed with the vert in these parts. I can say the same thing about most areas around here until spring rolls around.. NOT ENOUGH VERT! that is the i70 vicinity’s problem, lots of knolls and rolly polly terrain. That is why I will drive seven hours to get to those bigger peaks!! aka the san juans.
    Its all good, I bet the break from the concrete world was nice. Views look good and even if its not that fun to ski its still fun to mindsurf all the terrain in the area. nice post and review for those that have not been there.( myself included)

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    nicely put fuster!

    Those weren’t exactly my words how I wrote them, but I like what you did there.
    Even employees at venture wish they could “venture” into some new camber /rocker type flex profiles.

    I not for one minute said anything negative about the strength of his product, merely the lack of options they are offering.
    Hopefully something more my style will come out of the shape shake or possible a full production. I wish them nothing but the best and look forward to seeing and hopefully riding one of there future products!

    Colorado small business pride!

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    Sorry SG but you are spoiled down in the san juans with those big vert spots, usual vert in this area is around 1000k unless its springtime then its much larger. I would not recommend south facing slopes as pretty much most of the slides lately have been south or east aspects. The sun is getting stronger and changing the layering. Sounds like your timing should be pretty good as we are expecting some storms this next week.

    travis! great to hear from you man glad to see your out getting it and i for sure will be hitting you up in feb-
    wed/thur sundays off and some flexibility if we need to hang out at a good spot or catch some storms. excited to see where the sled will lead me, so far its been lots of interesting terrain but not alot of vertical. pillows and cliffs are fun! but i want more than 5-800 ft shots..

    couple crazy slides recently, I saw postage stamp went big at bert and two splitters where in it, also know the kid who was in the coon hill incident and luckily he is still here, skiing solo on big terrain is not very smart. he suffered a broken femur and arm but luckily he had his cell phone on and didnt get fully buried. shit is real this time of year and with more snow coming lets be very attentive to the little things. and PLEASE chill with the solo riding, its not a great idea as many things can happen, you could get slid on and NO ONE would know, or you could get broke off and still NO ONE would know- ESPECIALLY if you dont have phone service….

    play safe everyone! SHRED FOR LIFE.

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    HSHAHAHAhAh I thought the same thing! looks to me like you might knuckle that jump.. but who am I.

    I second the thought of camber/ rocker profiles but since klem basically laughed at me when I asked about these things I purchased a COUPLE of boards from other companies..

    No doubt they make strong boards but limiting your self to flat camber is retarded.. considering its basically some wedges in the press to add or change camber that seems very close minded. come on Klem wake up! not everyone wants your flat boards but I WOULD PUT MONEY ON IT THAT PEOPLE WANT VENTURE STRENGTH in there boards..

    just a thought.

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    Sg you are definitely having a good start to the season, and some great pics! stoke is getting high over here! alpine has been ski-able and most trees are riding pretty deep for January. Last sunday had some deep snow with great stability. Got to drop some rocks and let that board breath!
    For some reason I have not been interested in taking pictures or video, probably because the majority of my days out have been stormy type weather and pictures just don’t turn out that well when the lighting isnt good. at least with my two year old Iphone… I need to step up my camera game. but since I ride with mostly skiers how cool would it be to litter this post with skier pictures?
    I promise to bring more front range stoke here shortly, winter schedule for me starts in February.

    keep the stoke alive COLORADO is having a great season thus far!

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    Oh don’t worry SG! shit is about to get rad! Just trying to wrap up some projects and keep working till those big snow days come back… I am priming the pump to crush from February to late June. get ready!!!

    I have a couple days out and about shredding but no video or pics. sorry the cold snap KILLS the iphone in like 2 minutes of outside air. I have seen some big slides already this year so there is a layer in there hiding still. Managed to get out to monarch pass for the first time and wow! there are some really nice options out there. Just a single day trip so not too much exploring but lots of nice snow down south. I saw all kinds of pocket releases even in the trees so I am trying to be cautious for a little longer. this is the slowest start to the season I have ever made but it should prove to help keep me going into the spring. Keep up the crushing SG- keep us updated on your output this year, I am curious to hear how your goals are coming along..

    side note, does anyone here know devinthemountains on instagram I believe? kid is seriously getting after it for Colorado!! I hear he already crossed 150k vert and shooting for a 500k season. whoever he is, he is really getting after it . BIG PROPS!

    SHOW ME SOME PICS!!! #Coloradosplitboarders

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    looking good SG!!! your going to crush your 10k a day goal in no time! big mountains and much less mini golf for you. LUCKY! glad someone is getting some pictures!!!

    Got out for my first turns of the year last Saturday and it was a good kick in the teeth, not having been very active after the surgery (per docs orders) showed its ugly head pretty quickly. Snowpack was more thin than I expected and it cost me a massively blown, un repairable edge and sidewall that I didn’t even feel happen. (rock board is dead)
    On a good note: I caught some air, slashed some turns and cartwheeled a time or two, everything is in place and still working. thanks doc!

    I have already started to address my weak legs and stupid tight IT band. Hoping to catch some good days this week and next.

    no video since you need a charger cord to charge things and I cant find it… keep shredding and I hope this Christmas storm produces for EVERYONE!!

    happy holidays!

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    not sure the plan but that definetly sucks that they couldn’t afford to keep going.. funny I found out about the revival story from david gottergoofs facebook page about hating splitboarders.

    for hating on us he sure does ride some snowboard nuts… GOOD luck venture and build a board with camber and I will purchase it!!! come on klem don’t hate…

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