• Jones Snowboards and Spark R&D introduce the Out Here video series. In the first episode, snowboard guide Iris Lazzareschi gets out in her home zone the Grand Teton National Park.

  • Shout out to our good friend Zak Mills in ZABARDAST! – A High Altitude Travel Diary – Directed by Jérôme Tanon. Starring : Thomas Delfino, Léo Taillefer, Zak Mills, Yannick Graziani, Hélias Millerioux, Jér […]

  • The 9th Annual Canuck Splitfest is drawing near. This years event will fall on January 11-13th

    On Friday Jan 11th, Trapper is holding an open house at its factory from 5-10pm. There will be burgers, beer, and […]


    Homage Media with a slick shredit from the Carpathian Mountains of Europe.




    Inspired by a poem he wrote long ago, big mountain rider Jeremy Jones summonses his greatest influences and dissects his lifelong passion for the simple and sacred feeling he calls, “The Glide.”

    Starring: […]

  • Titouan Bessire and Fred Couderc spent most of their season in Switzerland but their two week splitboarding trip to Revelstoke BC looked like icing on the cake.


  • Teton Gravity Research’s latest film Ode to Muir featuring Jeremy Jones and Elena Hight has kicked off it’s film tour. Check out the tour schedule, grab some friends and enjoy film while we wait for more snow to […]

  • After three years of hearing about Rafael Pease’s travels, splitboarding tales, and seeing snippets of video, we are beyond excited to experience Connection Movement’s film Yūgen! With the film tour in full ef […]

  • Spark R&D, the splitboard binding manufacturer based out of Bozeman, MT, has completed the installation of a 50kW solar photovoltaic system on the roof of their 12,000 square foot building.

    “This project has b […]

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    In reply to: splitboard.com wrote a new post, Support To this day, Splitboard.com is still a one-man operation and runs on limited resources. There are many ways you can support the site and help ensure it's existence. Splitboard.com is proud to belong to the most popular affiliate programs on the web to bring you a wide selection of splitboard and outdoor related gear. When you make a purchase through our affiliate links we receive a small commission from the sale which goes towards keeping the site going. Please feel free to share these links (and any affiliate links on the site) with your friends and family. Thanks for your support! Affiliate Links   USOUTDOOR.com     Content Contributions Whether it's posting a trip report in the forum or a featured article on the homepage your contributions help keep the content on the site current and fresh. Please use our Contact page if you'd like to submit content to the site. Word of Mouth Sites like Splitboard.com measure our success on web traffic. If you like what we offer, tell a friend. Like Us    Donate Publishing a website takes hours of blood, sweat, and tears, if you find the site useful and want to help keep the lights on we also accept paypal donations.   View

    Hey Dave, you can use the social media login buttons on the login screen to use a social media or existing Google account.

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    In 2017, Jones Snowboards rider Miikkaa Hast set off with high expectations to ride and film in a remote part of Norway but their plans change when the conditions they found were less than ideal. With a positive […]


    If you have a love to ride the backcountry, then you have most likely dreamt of going to some pretty far-flung places. When an opportunity opened up to guide a group of snowboarders in Antarctica, my de […]

    • Pretty god damn awesome boys! This is a trip I certainly need to do as soon as I get my shit together!

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    I just received mine as well yesterday. I was surprised to see it delivered without a box and only wrapped with bubble wrap (not sure if the box was damaged at some point.) Thankfully there was no damage to the board.

    I’ll second what @Maynardo said, the board is beautiful!! the 165 feels lighter than my 164 and I am excited to see how it…[Read more]

  • A few years back Amplid caught a fair bit of attention with a picture of a helium balloon lifting up their Lab Carbon split. After some of the early adopters gave positive feedback about these feather light […]

  • Nick Russell, Eric Pollard, and Joel Oberly found adventure and classic east side lines as they pedaled their was down HWY 395.

    Searching for an honest adventure right out their backdoor, a group of skiers and […]

  • With meager snow in the Sierra and other parts of the US, and sketchy avalanche condiditons in Utah, sometimes its nice to reminisce about past seasons. Tanner Crow’s 17/18 season edit has me excited with hope […]

  • In reply to: Cbalke wrote a new post, 2017/2018 Women's Splitboard Guide Well ladies, If you've been considering your first splitboard, or are a avid splitboarder who is looking to add a new split to the quiver, you will find that you have more options than ever this season. Over the […] View

    Hey Amy, I don’t think we would have any trouble finding a woman to review boards. This was more of a guide to show women what’s available to them.


    Looking back on splitboarding’s timeline, there were only a handful of brands who developed products, which filled the void in our little market. From Voile’s DIY kits and hardware to Spark R&D’s pin-less […]

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    Hey Ryan, I think you’ll be fine if you are worried about core shots. Depending on what you hit It can happen on any board out there. If you are going to be riding a lot of low tide conditions then maybe build or buy a cheap DIY split as a second board. You won’t worry much about damaging it.

    Maybe @dishwasher-dave could chime in about TahoeLab.…[Read more]

  • The 8th annual Canuck Splitfest which is presented by Trapper Snowboards kicks off on January 12, 2018 and runs through January 14, 2018. Grab your crew and head to Revelstoke BC for good times and deep […]

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