• Hey folks, just wondering if there are any special considerations for waxing my split so I don’t gunk up the glue on my skins. Is a good scraping and brushing enough or is it just better to avoid waxing all together.


  • losing here in the south French Alps, c’est une catastrophe! Not a big snow fall since mid November asside from about 20cm of wind scoured fresh about 2 weeks ago. Old timers round here say the snow isn’t comming till the next moon cycle beginning the 17th, the long term forcast would seem to agree, so for now fingers crossed

  • I didn’t get into backcountry untill I moved out to the alps a few years back (5 and counting) but growing up in Ontario and having hiked the bruce trail I’d say there’s tons of little jem’s out there in the blue mountain and beaver valley area. Could be lots of fun out there, quick 250 m climbs and runs rolling through the woods.

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