• Good lookin’ BCR and Dave. Nice lines, nice shots. Bonus points for flashing base graphixxx.

  • C’mon now kids… Quit blowin’ my cover!

    Thanks for the props though. I appreciate the love. Watch out for especially hot ish from me in the next issue of ASJ.

    I had absolutely nothing to do with the cover shot however. I’m stoked we featured a splitboarder but bummed he’s not doing a damn thing except looking sick.

    Thanks for the feedback on…[Read more]

  • Bigfoot replied to the topic Bloody 4/24/07 in the forum Eastside 13 years, 11 months ago

    Way to schralp it Tex! Nothing better than slaying a classic couloir when its still cherry. So fresh, so clean. We blitzed up Bloody two days after you and used your stairway to heaven for lap two. Thanks for the vicious bootpack! We couldn’t leave the confines of that gash until we ripped open both entrances. Nobody had touched it since you left…[Read more]

  • I have never skied anything on Laurel or Pyramid…8)
    …but four weeks ago we shredded the Pinner on Laurel…

    …and the namesake NW face to the Banana chute on Pyramid.

    The Mendenhall and the Parachute never filled in this year

  • Thanks for the love. It was indeed a great trip.

    thesystemsplit – Onion Valley is open to the campground from what I have heard – check out the cali forum on summitpost for all the latest trailhead beta. Usually they keep a “road closed” sign up somewhere low to limit their rockfall liability. We have always just driven right around it.

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  • Eastside Easter update:

    This winter has held alot of what ifs and maybes. Will it snow? Will it go? Will it soften? The last two weeks of nuclear temps, a small heap of cold snow, and gusty winds have only compounded that indecision.

    Most terrain below 9000 is pretty rotten. Make that 10000 if your on anything even slightly south facing. The…[Read more]

  • We booted up pine duff and manky snow from the RV park all the way into the first basin. Others had skinned a narrow strip of snow on the trail but it was a firm runnel and the trail switchbacks alot. On the way down we slipped down semi discontinous snow until we were about 100 yds from lake level. Once you make the second basin coverage is…[Read more]