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    Anyone have a good trick for trimming and removing the overflow of epoxy from the bottom of the board? On my last split I used a razor to chip away followed by a hand grinder with sand paper. It seems to work okay but was hoping there is a better way to get a smooth finish and flush to the Ptex.

    A sharp 1″ wood chisel, held flat to…[Read more]

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    What do you mean with that? Don’t understand it.

    I’m guessing (and could be wrong) that he means that looking down on the teeth, instead of this:

    | |

    | |

    | |

    | |

    you…[Read more]

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    one never gets any practice (unless one would go somewhere specific to learn, and not be actually going riding)

    Heh, I’m just trying to imagine the faces if I turned-up on splits at one of the local sci di fondo (nordic) tracks. I think they might choke on their lycra. Might be fun though… 🙂

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    This may already be somewhere on Splitboard.com but this is the run through on the Plum Splitboard binding and interface.

    Check it out:

    If it proves durable (looks to be given all the metal), and if they bring it to production (two significant “ifs”),

    Worth noting that Plum’s AT…[Read more]

  • OK, OK, I’m convinced – T-nuts and ptex discs it is, handy really as I have both already.

    On the subject I was thinking about trying to cut out the hole in the ptex in the base larger than the t-nut hole, so that the (appropriately sized) ptex disc would be glued to wood core around the edges as well as the bottom of the t-nut/epoxy. The idea…[Read more]

  • Shame about the Snoli inserts – they look nice with the ptex bases. Do you reckon 7mm ones will go without grinding? Still mean using shorter screws but hopefully enough thread to do the job…

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    Thanks both 🙂

    I’ve got a couple of weeks before the bindings, pucks, catches, etc. arrive so I’ve been playing around with a couple of Dremel bits on an old ski and have made a little jig that seems to make cutting the rebate and channel for fitting some edge pretty easy to do. I’ve given up trying to find the edge that I know I have *somewhere*…[Read more]