Never Summer Argentina Episode 1

Get an inside look at some new splitboards getting built at the Never Summer factory in Denver, CO. After the boards are ready some of the team (Ryan Cruze and Tony Pavlantos) head down to Argentina to put 'em to the test!

Danny Davis Splitboard interview

There's only one first chair, and patrol owns it. Leave behind the cattle herd in the liftline. Save yourself the hassle of the sled and the gold card crowd with their cats and helis. Seek solitude and an untracked canvas with the Freebird.

Sweetgrass Productions - Solitaire

Check out splitters Forrest Shearer and Kyle Miller in the trailer for the new Sweetgrass film Solitaire! 

National Geographic - Giving the Bird the Bird

Good stuff from National Geographic and Jonaven Moore on splitboarding!

Learn about Cowboy, the OG splitter

Take a moment and learn about Cowboy aka Brett Cobernik and the birth of the splitboard.

K2 Panoramic Splitboard

After a long hiatus from offering backcountry products K2 Snowboards is back in the game with their new Panoramic splitboard and Backside series. 

TGR and Jeremy Jones' Further trailer

The trailer to the next installment of the TGR and Jeremy Jones trilogy has landed. Check out the Further trailer now!