Video: The Backyard Project episode 2 and 3 by Justin Lamoureux

Published on Saturday, 08 February 2014 05:47 , Category: Videos Written by Chris Gallardo

Our backyards are often overlooked for farther and more exotic adventures. From his house in SquamishBC Arc'teryx athlete Justin Lamoureux sees 30 different mountains. Rising from sea level to 9,000' these mountains are rarely visited during the winter. Follow along as he tries to ride them all in a single winter.

Episode 2 "Unexpected" - After riding 9 of 30 mountains in episode 1, the coastal weather starts to play its hand in the project as Arc'teryx Athlete Justin Lamoureux continues to confront the challenges, joys and detours of discovering new lines in his backyard.

Episode 3 "Tribulations" - Halfway through his 30 mountain goal and with the pressure of spring's approach, Arc'teryx Athlete Justin Lamoureux must be persistent with mounting setbacks, take the good with the bad and remember that the mountains always hold the upper hand. 


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