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Published on Sunday, 08 December 2013 08:07 , Category: Videos Written by Chris Gallardo

Here's the third installment from Venture Snowboards in the "Your Venture starts here" seriesThis one captures the magic of life in SilvertonCO and what's so special about our Venture's hometown. It also features riding footage from the San Juan backcountry and Silverton Mountain's heli operation. 

Founded in 1999 by the husband and wife team of Klemens and Lisa Branner, Venture handcrafts premium quality, award winning freeride boards and splitboards from scratch in Silverton, Colorado using sustainably harvested woods and wind power. Learn more about the company at

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Here's the second installment from Venture Snowboards in the "Your Venture starts here" series. This one goes behind the scenes in the factory, to reveal the secret ingredient in Venture's handcrafted snowboards. 

Venture Snowboards shared with us today the first video in a new series they're producing called "Your Venture starts here". In this episode we're treated to some sweet Johan powsurfing footy and get a peek at the Venture factory in the town of Silverton, CO. Thanks for sharing Venture!

Venture Snowboards and Sledchile Backcountry Adventures team up to open FreeRide in MalalcahuelloChile. Splitboards, Snowmo's, or both.

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Venture Snowboards is proud to announce their new Euphoria Splitboard has received the prestigious Editors' Choice Award from Backcountry Magazine!

Our friends at Venture Snowboards are proud to announce their new experimental division, the Shape Shack. The goal is to produce small, limited-edition runs where new ideas and creativity are the focus. Venture's founder, Klemens Branner and legendary rider Johan Olofsson will be teaming up on the project. Look for good things to come! Read more...

Colorado splitters - come out to show your support at the Venture Snowboards and Ska Brewing 7th Annual Season Kickoff Party!

Silverton, CO – August 5, 2011
Venture's new Odin Splitboard has received the prestigious Editors' Choice Award from Backcountry Magazine.