The Powsurf Chronicles

, Written by Chris Gallardo


We've dabbled in Noboarding, NoSplitting, and even a little Snow Skating in the past and have always been intrigued with the simplicity of them all. It's amazing how fun it can be to to put the challenge back into snowboarding and get back to the roots of our sport. The freedom to move your feet wherever you like on the board feels exactly like skateboarding and surfing but the thing that has always seemed lacking is the control of the board. The concept and approach Jeremy Jensen at Grassroot Powsurfing is taking with smaller, lighter boards puts the control back into the hands (or should I say feet) of the user. The decks are smaller than a regular snowboard and larger than a snowskate providing what looks to be the perfect mix for surfing pow and still being able to pull off skate influenced tricks like kickflips and shove-its. We're stoked to see this next step of shredding and can't wait to try one! 

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Here's another one of Jeremy's videos, This is PowSurfing. Enjoy!

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