Karakoram Unveils It's New Prime Splitboard System

Published on Thursday, 23 January 2014 17:27 , Category: News Written by Chris Gallardo

For Immediate Release

January 23, 2014 – North Bend WA, USA - Karakoram is stoked to Introduce the PRIME SYSTEM - Splitboarding Responsiveness and Efficiency you've only dreamed of. The Prime System is a statement of our brand philosophy to never stop improving.

Building on the strengths of our Active Joining Technology utilized in the Split30, The Prime System takes solid board feel to another level with the SolidRide platform which combines 4 wide preloaded contacts that allow for direct power transfer to your edges while eliminating seam movement for the ultimate in solid board feel and performance.

We have also created Power Link which is an ergonomic activation lever that allows for the ease of getting into ride mode and heel lock down. The improvements do not stop there, we have added Tour Step, an amazing new feature that allows you to step into tour or ride mode with your binding fastened to your boot, both of these new features will significantly cut down your transition and change over times as we know you want to get to pointing that line and schralping that pow!

Just when you thought it could not get any better we have also improved out the climbing system through our new FlipSpeed Risers with Lockdown - no more fumbling with your pole handles trying to engage those pesky climbing wires, this system simply allows the user to engage 2 heights of heel risers with their pole baskets alone, again cutting down time and improving efficiency.

Last but not least we have developed the ultimate in convenience and maximizing your bindings, we have developed the Quiver Connector, the ultimate accessory that allows you to take your Prime System Splitboard bindings and mount them on your solid board. Ease of use, lightweight and better than standard binding energy transfer paired with Karakoram Performance.

We will be unveiling the new Prime system at the ISPO and SIA Tradeshows January 2014, for an exclusive look at the new system feel free to stop and visit the us at the Jones Snowboards booth at ISPO or at the Karakoram Booth at the SIA Tradeshow (Booth# 3069).

About Karakoram

Founded in 2008 by Tyler and Bryce Kloster through a desire to combine their careers and follow their passion for the mountains, Karakoram is now a global leader through splitboard and backcountry product innovation. The brand is sold at leading retailers and is distributed to over 20 countries through out the world. Karakoram is nestled in the Cascade Mountains, one of the best proving grounds for developing and testing products in the world, and Karakoram is proud to be US made, with most components and parts being made within 50 miles of its Headquarters in Washington. Innovate. Ride. Explore.

Check out Karakoram's site for more info http://www.splitboardbindings.com

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Karakoram News

Karakoram just announced their new video/photo contest Dreamlines with some impressive prizes. First place gets to be a Karakoram ambassador for a year and a grip of gear! Second and third place winners get hooked up nice as well. Looking forward to seeing your entries splitters!

The good folks at Karakoram have been hard at work refining their splitboard products and developing new ones. They recently updated their popular splitboard clips, known as K-clips to feature adjustable tension and donated a few sets to our readers. Thanks guys!

Here's a cool video Karakoram put together that tells the story of how and why the Kloster brothers started the company. Props go out to the brothers for following their dreams and making more great products for splitters to choose from.

Our friends at Karakoram are at it again doing their part to push the sport of splitboarding further and are happy to announce their new Heel Lock-Down system. This is a feature splitters have been wanting for years and looks to be a great execution of the request. The system will be available in the fall 2012 and is even backwards compatible!