2012/2013 Arbor Abacus splitboard specs

Published on Tuesday, 15 May 2012 22:51 , Category: News Written by Chris Gallardo

As we reported in January from the SIA trade show, our friends at the Arbor Collective are stoked to announce the Abacus splitboard for 2012/2013. Arbor has a long history of making high quality boards with an emphasis on eco-friendly materials and are stoked to be making the Abacus splitboard. Here's the official spec sheet for the Abacus split!

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Splitboard.com had the opportunity to use the Abacus splitboard for the last few months and has experienced great results. We've found the board to produce a consistent ride thanks to a versatile shape that works well in a variety of conditions.

Some of the stand-out features include the "Grip Tech" edges (magne-esque edge directly under the feet), bamboo sidewalls (lightweight), and the reclined rocker profile (rocker where you need it). The Grip Tech edges are very effective in providing great edge-hold and responsiveness while the reclined rocker profile provided substantial float in deep snow while still allowing stability on firm snow.

The bamboo sidewalls also help make the board noticeably lighter than other boards in the same class although the long term durability of the sidewalls is something we're curious of and will be keeping an eye on. The board also comes with the popular Karakoram clips and tip/tail connectors. The "K-clips" are very effective in adding rigidity to the board thanks to their latch-style design.

I've been really impressed and stoked on the Arbor Abacus splitboard. Check 'em out at a shop near you or through our online affiliates soon!

Action pics and video (pics by Alex Do)