Report from the SIA Snowsports Trade Show 2012

Published on Friday, 03 February 2012 17:57 , Written by Chris Gallardo

Our friends at Venture are making five splitboards next year with the Odin, Storm, Zephyr, Helix, and Euphoria. The Odin and Storm get some slight changes to the nose making them less pointy. The Euphoria split was a head turner at the show with its unique, old school surfboard-like shape. Mounted with the Almond Mfg pads it looked to be a sweet noboard. Boards come with Voile tip/tail/hook hardware.

Voile stepped up their game this year in the board department thanks to the new partnership with Sentury Snowboards founder Ben Harmon. Ben brings his experience in the way of everything from making cores, board design, manufacturing, graphics, and more. Gone is the cap construction and back is the sidewall. The new Artisan split comes in a mens and womens and features a directional twin shape. Voile will also offer a true twin next year and both designs feature a combination of rocker and camber. Dual climbing bars are now the standard. The Lightrail binding stays in the line and sees more canting options for negative lean while skinning. Laser etched hardware is also added for 2013.

Our friend Cory Smith at Mountain Approach made some improvements to his unique approach ski design. The design features improved hinges to accommodate larger riders and the pack has been improved as well. For most or our readers these wont replace your splitty but if you're going to use approach skis for noboarding or powsurfing, these are the way to go due to the way they collapse down and store in the pack.

Dakine is making an ABS pack next year that has an interesting zip off back panel. The panel can be swapped based on whether you're using the ABS system that day or not.

Other random info:

K2 will be offering their Panoramic splitboard again
Donek will be offering custom, build to order splits
Patagonia, Scott, The North Face all have some really nice outerwear planned for next year
BCA packs are looking great
Roxy (yes Roxy) is making a ladies splitboard
G3 is stoked to make skins for splitters
Frequency Mag has a new Tablet Edition coming out soon
....more as I remember it...

All in all it was a great show and I learned a lot. Next year I'll cover even more stuff and try to recruit an assistant to help get some stuff online in near real time. I've got a few more things from this year I'll share soon too.

Thanks for reading!