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Fitwell, the Italian handmade boot maker that introduced the Backcountry boot is set to introduce the Freeride boot to their lineup this season. The Freeride will maintain the same exceptional build quality which Fitwell is known but will include some key design changes. The Freeride will feature a softer flex when compared to the Backcountry and will include a REEL KNOB lacing system with Velcro Strap. The semi auto compatible Davos sole features a rubber and powdered glass mixture for superior traction on ice. The boot liner will feature a thermoformable Memory Foam.

According to Fitwell the Freeride boot will not be available in the US possibly due to copyright concerns over the REEL KNOB lacing system. Fitwell states US consumers would have to purchase the Freeride oversees until the boots are available in the US.

Fitwell Freeride

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Colin Balke is a content editor for Splitboard.com who lives in Northern California. When not plucking away on a keyboard, he can be found splitboarding, camping, backpacking, or hanging out with family and friends.

5 Responses

  1. chase

    REEL KNOB? smh, that’s just a straight Boa ripoff. With business practices like that these guys might get sued out of business, that would be a shame. Why not just make a laced model? Or better yet use a speed lace system that isn’t a patent infringement. Looks like a good boot.

    • chase

      fwiw, I would really like to check these out (so the whole patent infringement sucks for us US customers), as I tend to like a more mid-stiff flex. Release in the US as a standard lace Fitwell!

    • Chris

      I totally agree if these had speed laces they would be awesome! What’s the deal with regular laced with the new K2 boot and the 32 Jeremy jones boot?

    • Chris

      To bad they don’t make larger sizes? I wear a 30.5! What’s up with that!!


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