Before you venture out on your splitboard, whether that be from your local ski area, a roadside attraction, or deep into the wild, be sure you possess the necessary skills to travel safely in the backcountry. Snow stability assessment, the impact of weather on the snowpack, how to read terrain, proper route selection, practicing rescue scenarios, and understanding the human element are all important factors in making sure your day in the backcountry starts and ends safely.

There are a number of excellent resources available to you on the web, we’ve listed a few of them here: - One stop shop for comprehensive avy info. 

Interactive Backcountry Tour - Test your decision making skills in this pretend backcountry outing.

Current Avalanche Bulletins - Forecasts and bulletins compiled by the Cyberspace Avalanche Center (CSAC).

Avalanche Incidents - Learn from past avy incidents.  What was done right or wrong? Avy Forum - Share your local avy observations and post questions here.

National Weather Service Homepage - Your comprehensive weather information resource. 


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