Anatomy of a Splitboard

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Pucks and Puck Alignment Tool

The Pucks are small pieces of durable plastic that mount to your splitboard for the Voile Slider Track or after market binding to slide onto. They are sold as flat pieces or as canted pieces (3 degrees.) The canted pieces help to bring in the knees to better align the hips and ankles. They also include a center disc that allows you to set you stance width and angle. If your board has a channel mounting system be sure to purchase the Channel Puck Set. The Puck Alignment Tool is used as a guide to make set-up easier.

Voile Canted Channel Pucks

Split Hooks

Split Hooks are designed to help hold the two splitboard halves together and increase torsional rigidity. During “tour-mode” they swivel into a parallel position with the board’s edge to prevent hitting each other while skinning. Both Voile and Karakoram offer their own versions.

Tip and Tail Hooks

These are the small plastic pieces that connect the tip and tail together. They also play a vital role in helping the splitboard feel and perform like a solid snowboard.

Voile Tip and Tail clipsKarakoram nose and tail clips

Touring Brackets

Touring brackets are what the binding interface attaches to for “tour-mode”. This simple connection provides a free pivot point for skinning and allows the user to take natural strides.



Spark R&D        




Karakoram Prime Tour

Climbing Bars

Climbing bars are used for skinning up steep slopes and can greatly increase comfort by reducing strain on your calves. When engaged they raise your heel up so that your foot is more level to the slope, which translates into easier and more efficient skinning.  Climbing bars are available with one or two height options.




Karakoram riser

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