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It’s funny how most people behave during a tricky winter. Everyone seems to follow the herd and either become lazy and complacent or give up and get out of town. If you have money, traveling somewhere like Japan can seem like a sure thing with the endless stream of face shots flooding social media. It is in these times that those of us dedicated to staying local are challenged the most. Whether you are tied down to a single area because of financial or commitment issues, the answer is almost never clear as to how to make the most of your favorite season. Despite all of the doom and gloom that seems to be running rampant about this year, I seem to know someone in every supposedly shitty location that is absolutely getting after it. Whether it’s my buddy Zak Mills in the Eastern Sierra who refuses to succumb to all the negative attitudes about yet another bad winter in California or the ever enthusiastic Ryan Irvin who has relentlessly been hunting couloirs in the Wasatch all season, the undying passion we all share for splitboarding has given us the power to rise above the general consensus and give er hell with what we have! Things have been no different here in Alaska. Everyone seems to think that the season is a wash before taking a good look for themselves. As mountain people, we need to remember to think for ourselves and get creative with our environments! There are always good times to be had in the hills. You just have to want it! The following is a preview reel from the last two months that goes to show how record high temps and low snowpack should not deter the spirit of the mountain surfer!

Alaska 15 10 (for web)


Alaska 15 44 (for web)

Alaska 15 19 (for web)

Alaska 15 14 (for web)


Alaska 15 24 (for web)

Alaska 15 22 (for web)

Alaska 15 12 (for web)

Alaska 15 6 (for web)


Alaska 15 29 (for web)


Alaska 15 43 (for web)


Alaska 15 2 (for web)


Alaska 15 16 (for web)


Alaska 15 17 (for web)


Alaska 15 18 (for web)

Alaska 15 7 (for web)


Alaska 15 21 (for web)

Alaska 15 28 (for web)

Alaska 15 13 (for web)

Alaska 15 5 (for web)

Alaska 15 1 (for web)

Alaska 15 26 (for web)

Alaska 15 35 (for web)

Alaska 15 31 (for web)

Alaska 15 45 (for web)

Alaska 15 15 (for web)

Alaska 15 30 (for web)

Alaska 15 48 (for web)

Alaska 15 49 (for web)

Alaska 15 52 (for web)

Alaska 15 51 (for web)

Alaska 15 53 (for web)

Alaska 15 54 (for web)

Alaska 15 56 (for web)

Alaska 15 57 (for web)

Alaska 15 60 (for web)



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    It’s funny how most people behave during a tricky winter. Everyone seems to follow the herd and either become lazy and complacent or give up and get…

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    Beautiful pics beautiful terrain, great post Zach very inspiring!

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  • Nice pics and write up Zach. Good to see what you’ve been up to. Making good use of your AAC grant. 🙂
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